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It can be a big investment, but there are good reasons to buy a sewing machine. When I was growing up both my Mom and my Grandma always had a sewing machine, and they made many clothes for me. My Mom even made my prom dress. Because I always had a sewing machine in my house and learned to sew at a young age, I saw that there are great reasons to buy a sewing machine.

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Make Your Own Clothes

One of the reasons to buy a sewing machine is it will give you the ability to make your own clothes. I realize that making your own clothes can seem daunting, but there are simple patterns you can choose that are easy to follow. Once you do get into making your own clothes, you will love picking out the fabric, color, and accessories of your clothes. Essentially, you get to design your own clothes to fit your style.


Can Be Your Own Tailor

Even if you don’t make your own clothes, you will be able to tailor the clothes that you purchase. As a petite person, I can tell you that being able to tailor my own clothes has saved me money and helped me from looking like I am drowning in my clothes. I mostly hem pants, but you can also take clothes in and let clothes out.


Make Halloween Costumes

I must confess, one of the reasons I loved that both my Mom and my Grandma sewed when I was little was that one of them always made my Halloween costume. I could be whatever I wanted, and my costumes always looked so much better than my friends. When you have your own sewing machine, you can make Halloween costumes that your children will cherish. In fact, I still have some of mine.


Make Stuffed Animals

There is something so special about getting a stuffed animal that someone made for you. I should know because my Grandma often made stuffed animals for me. The great news is, making stuffed animals is very easy when you have a sewing machine. The patterns are easy to follow, and the stuffed animals don’t take very long to make. Even though they don’t take long to make, children of all ages really appreciate getting a stuffed animal that was made especially for them.


Craft Projects

If you have a sewing machine there are many craft projects that you can easily do. You can make heat packs that you fill with rice, you can make bags, and you can make clothes for dolls. If you have a very fancy sewing machine, you can even embroider things. Essentially, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to doing a craft project with your sewing machine.


Decorate Your House

One of the great things about having a sewing machine is you can use it to make items to decorate your house. Throw pillows are something that are easy to make that take very little time. However, if you are up to a bigger project, you can also make your own bedspread or shower curtain. You can also make window coverings.


Repurpose Items

Owning a sewing machine allows you to transform old items into new items. It can be very fun to turn old clothes into new clothes by redesigning them. However, you are not limited to redesigning clothes. You can also use an old blanket to make a pet bed. Whatever you repurpose, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made something that is old, new again.

If it seems like a big investment, keep in mind all of the wonderful things you can make with a sewing machine. You are not limited to making clothes; you can make whatever you desire. Are you considering purchasing a sewing machine?

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Gotta have a sewing machine... It brings out my creative side! I mainly use it to repurpose/reinvent old clothes and make fabulous home decor like throw pillows and pillow cases. Great suggestions given by the way. Thanks!

Yes, I have been considering buying a basic sewing machine that I can afford on a government pension, mainly to patch holes in old clothes to make them wearable again or more presentable in public. I don't know what features to look for in a basic sewing machine, ease of set up and threading the machine are features I am looking for, I have no idea what other features I should be looking for. Am about to do a google search asking that exact question and chances are the search could land me back on this website with a list of features to look for and an explanation of each feature and why it's considered as part of a basic sewing machine.

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