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7 Stunning Textile Necklace Projects That Are Simply Amazing ...

By Alison

A textile necklace would probably not be your first choice if you were thinking of making your own jewellery. Necklaces are made from beads or metal, right? But you can make jewellery from all kinds of material. Have a go at these textile necklace projects …

1 Collar Necklace

This textile necklace is something that you can easily make using a collar snipped from an old shirt that you no longer wear. Maybe you have one that you've used for another refashioning project? Add some scraps of lace, and you have an ideal way of cheering up a plain top or dress. The instructions suggest using a chain or pearls, but you could use a leather thong or ribbon to tie the necklace.

2 Fabric 'Beads'

Here's a super-easy project that you can make with a fat quarter. The maker used polystyrene balls, which will make the necklace really light to wear. Or you could use beads made of wood or plastic instead. The possibilities are virtually limitless as to which fabric you could use, although thicker fabrics would be difficult to knot and turn inside out.

3 Beaded Necklace

Wow, this necklace looks impressive, doesn't it? Don't be put off by how intricate it appears. There's a little bit of work involved, but you'll be delighted with the finished article. People will love your creation, and wonder where you bought it. They'll also think you paid a lot for it! It would make a lovely gift for a jewellery-loving friend or relative.

4 Felt Flower Necklace

A sheet of felt is pretty cheap, so grab one and make this pretty flower necklace. If you don't have a glue gun, or don't want to get one, you could sew the flowers together. There are some gorgeous colors available in felt, so put your creative eye to work and make a beautiful bright necklace. You could also mix it up and make a 'bouquet' of different colors.

5 Striped Tee Necklace

If you want to make a necklace but don't enjoy sewing, here is the project for you. There is absolutely no need to go near a needle! As well as a striped tee, you could use a flowered or patterned one for a more random look. You could also mix stripes from different tees.

6 Marshmallow Necklace

Do you love Anthropologie's necklaces, but not their prices? This project uses an Anthropologie necklace as inspiration. You'll need to buy some beads, but it still comes in well below the $168 price tag of the original piece. Try to pick beads that reflect the colors in the fabric, so that the piece is unified as a whole. The results will be stunning.

7 Bow Tie Necklace

Here's a cute project to round off my selection of fabric necklaces. I actually thought it was made using a bought bow tie, the necklace is so good. But no - the bow tie was made from a piece of fabric (which of course, all bow ties are!). So you could make your own using whatever fabric you have to hand. I think it would look lovely in a rich velvet.

These projects show what amazing pieces you can make with fabric. You may not even need to buy anything to complete them, as some of the pieces are purely fabric. You can also use old bits of jewellery or beads you already have. Do you make your own jewellery?

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