7 Ways to Repurpose an Unneeded Gift ...


7 Ways to Repurpose an Unneeded Gift ...
7 Ways to Repurpose an Unneeded Gift ...

If you got a few things this year you don’t really need, there are several ways to repurpose an unneeded gift. You don’t want to return the gift because you know the giver’s heart was in the right place. But you can’t really use it either. Whether you turn it into something you can actually use or something to spruce up your place, there are many options for use than the original intention. Below are seven ways to repurpose an unneeded gift.

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Tie It can be so easy to repurpose an unneeded gift. If your man received a tie he just isn’t going to use, there are other options rather than throwing it away. Ties can be added to dress-up gear if you’ve got young kids that are in the make believe playing phase. You can turn a tie into a trendy belt, or cut it a bit shorter for a super cute headband.


A Book

A Book Perhaps you’re not much of a reader. Or maybe the book’s topic just doesn’t tickle your fancy. Either way there’s no need to torch that brand new book! Use pretty paper to create a book cover that coincides with your home décor. Place the book on a shelf for an eye-pleasing additional accessory.



Mug Who couldn’t use a mug! Okay, okay! Maybe you have way too many mugs already. If this is the case, repurpose this mug as a pen holder for your desk. If it’s not the prettiest of mugs, repaint it so that it matches your stationery. You could also take the mug to work to spruce up your cubicle.


Gift Card

Gift Card I’ve never met a gift card I couldn’t use. But if you’re searching for something you want in a store that just isn’t your thing, consider re-gifting the card. There must be someone in your friend or family group that could make use of the card. Everyone has a birthday! If this just won’t do, go ahead and purchase something and then return it for cash. It’s a sneaky trick, but most stores will allow it. Then you can use the money to get something you actually need.


Picture Frame

Picture Frame We can all usually use a good picture frame. But sometimes frames we receive as gifts aren’t quite the right style or perhaps they are a size we don’t have an image for. No worries! If the color or style is a bit off, you can always paint the frame to match your décor. Or, get really crafty and use Mod Podge to paste paper or fabric of your choice onto the frame for a whole new look. If the frame just isn’t the right size, try to think outside of the frame. You’re not restricted to just pictures and prints! Hang a trinket directly in the center of the frame for a cool look. If you have kids, allow them to draw a picture on a piece of paper cut to size and then frame their artwork. See? That wasn’t so hard!



Sweater If you’ve fallen victim to the ugly sweater gift this year, there is hope. If it’s literally an ugly holiday sweater, save it for next year when you’re sure to be invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party. If it’s just something you don’t normally wear, break out that sewing machine and create something new! Even if the sweater or other article of clothing morphs into something more practical like a scarf or potholder, it’s something you’ll actually use instead of something that will collect dust in your closet.



Jewelry Jewelry is a tough gift to purchase. We all have our own style and it can be really difficult to select jewelry as a gift for someone else. If a friend or family member struck out when buying jewelry for you, that’s okay! You can turn jewelry into lovely hair accessories with the use of plain headbands, bobby pins or hair clips. Grab some craft glue and turn those boring hair necessities into sparkling statement pieces.

Leave no good gift unused! With all of the options for repurposing gifts you once thought were unneeded, you’ll make use of everything you receive. Have you gotten crafty to repurpose an unneeded gift? What tips do you have?

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The 1 thing I love to do with either old jewelry or to repurpose a piece that may not be to what I usually share is to salvage any useable beads, charms, etc. Then, I add them to my jewelry making supplies & incorporate the salvaged items into new pieces. Making your own jewelry really is quite simple. I prefer tools of a little higher durability as I make jewelry, ( including pieces to support breast cancer, as well as I have a very unique pet accessory line) But, I seriously have found everything needed, including tools @ our Dollarama. I have used all of it, including the tools, many times over. Not sure where to start? Googling provides a plethora of free instructions, patterns, ideas etc. or, for about 5$, just pick up a jewelry idea magazine that has pix of ideas you like. Almost all of the main jewelry magazines has a complete section on what you need to get started & simple how-to-techniques! Merry Christmas!

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