7 Ways to Not Spend the Whole Weekend Cleaning when You Work All Week ...


When you work all week the last thing you want to spend your weekend doing is working at home. These are some ways to help you not spend the whole weekend cleaning after a long week at work. These tips can help you to enjoy your weekends and have a clean house at the same time. Most of them are just basic organizational systems to put in place.

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Pick up after Yourself

A lot of the mess that you see in your home may be from not picking up after yourself. It’s an easy habit to fall into, especially when you’re in a hurry. But taking those few seconds to throw your garbage away or hang up a wet towel makes a difference. If you have a partner, ask them to pick up after themselves, as well. Keeping things in their place makes it easier when you do clean.


Stay on Top of Laundry

Laundry can be quite a chore, especially if there’s more than just you in the home. Don’t let it pile up until the weekend. Try to do a load or two a day. Staying on top of it helps make this chore much easier. One thing I do is use laundry sorters so as soon as I see a load is ready to wash, it can be thrown ito the machine.


Have Daily Chores

If things pile up, it can make cleaning quite the task. Try to have a few chores that you take care of each day. Good ones to include would be dishes and taking out the garbage. You wouldn’t think that it would make such a difference to make sure your kitchen is cleaned daily but it really does. Additionally, having a clean kitchen makes your entire home look cleaner.


Assign Each Chore to a Day

This is a way to break down your bigger cleaning without doing it all on the weekend. You might make Mondays floor day, Tuesdays dusting day, Wednesdays bathroom day, etc. This keeps you from having to do it all on the weekends. Breaking down your cleaning schedule can make it less overwhelming, too. It seems easier to jump in and tackle one chore a day instead of facing a Saturday full of four to five big cleaning tasks.


Enlist Help

If you don’t live alone then you shouldn’t have to clean alone. If you have roommates, work out a cleaning plan. If you have a partner, get them involved in helping keep your home clean. Children can help some as they grow but you can’t expect a lot from young children. But having someone help handle household chores can divide your work load.


Set a Time Period for Weekend Cleaning

If you simply cannot make any of these other suggestions work then it can be helpful to set a time period for weekend cleaning. It may be Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. Choose whatever works best for your schedule. Maybe you decide to devote four hours to cleaning each weekend. Having a set time period can help you to get more done by reminding you to stay on task.


Hire a Housekeeper

This isn’t an option that can work for everyone. But if your budget allows, you might consider hiring a housekeeper. Even having someone come in once a month may help. You still may have some cleaning to do but it cuts the workload down for you. Many people choose to go with the option of hiring some help with household chores.

These are some tips to help you not spend the whole weekend cleaning when you work all week. Which ones seem like they’ll work for you? You’re welcome to share your thoughts.

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Helpful tips!!

I'm the only one that does chores in the house, so this pretty much helps. 👌

I regularly hire a housekeeper at least once a week to lighten my work.

Good tips, having structure helps

Helpful ideas... When I taught my son how to wash his clothes that helped tremendously... I don't have to spend all day folding and putting up clothes. Great ideas a little bit each day does helps

Or dont listen to my mum telling me too!

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