Heres What Your Laundry Room Should Look like ...

By Eliza

Heres What Your Laundry Room Should Look like ...

Your laundry room isn't probably a place you want to hang out in very often. After all, it usually means more work for you. But, your laundry room can be a place you'd like to see more of. With some work, you can transform your most hated room into the one you want to spend all your time in. Here's how.

1 Counter on Top of the Washer and Dryer

Source: Fun Home Things: 10 Laundry
Look at all that room to fold laundry and store stuff.

2 Baskets Lower, Closed Cabinets Higher

Source: Interior Design Ideas - Home
You'll never run out of room for all your things when you set this up.

3 Laundry Room Built-ins

Source: 25 Tutorials & Tips Not
Built ins are the perfect place to store all of the things you need the most.

4 Fun Backsplash

Source: 40 Stylish Laundry Room Ideas
That tile is so awesome! A fun backsplash is great for adding visual appeal to your laundry room.

5 Laundry Barn Door

Source: Interior Door Dilemma
When you have a door that slides, you eliminate the need for space to swing a door open. Perfect for small spaces!

6 Small Laundry Room

Source: Before & After: Updating a
Even a small laundry room can look gorgeous! See!

7 Stacked Washer and Dryer

Source: Inspiration: Organized Laundry Rooms
A stacked design saves space and the counter frees up some room for other storage.

8 Matching Floor and Cabinets

Source: Simple Ways to Organize Your
When you space is beautiful, it's more enjoyable to spend time there.

9 Take a Kitchen Island and Attach an Ironing Board

Source: "Cocina, comedor, despensa y planchador"
Here you go: a portable laundry station that you can use in your laundry room or out.

10 Combo Room

Source: 42 Laundry Room Design Ideas
A combined space like this gives you lots of room for food and for doing laundry.

11 Hang a Sign

Source: Photos et idées de décor
Fun wall art makes your laundry room seem more cozy and fun to be in.

12 Mud Room

Source: 6 Great Ways In Which
Your mud room is a great place to install your washer and dryer. Keep that mess contained to one room!

13 Fun Color

Source: Home
Those pink cabinets are really cool!

14 How about Bright Red?

Source: 82 Laundry Room Ideas
Who wouldn't want to do laundry when your appliances are this color?

15 Totally Organized

Source: 15 Organizational Hacks That’ll Make
Laundry is a breeze when you're this organized.

16 Everything You Need

Source: Favorite Things Friday
Not only does this room have everything you need, but it also look fabulous!

17 Wall Color

Source: Creative Laundry Room Storage +
Choose a soothing wall color and laundry will never stress you out again.

18 Wow!

Source: 40 Stylish Laundry Room Ideas
The only thing this room needs is a chair so I could hang out for awhile.

19 Higher Position

Source: Stylish Family Home with Transitional
This setup makes doing laundry that much easier!

20 A Handy Sink

Source: 33 Laundry Room Shelving And
A sink in the laundry room is great for rinsing muddy clothes or soaking stained clothing.

21 A Chandelier

Source: 31 Ingenious Ways To Make
Why have I never thought to put a chandelier in my laundry room?

Are you inspired to jazz up your laundry room? What other ideas do you have?

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