A Trip to the Dollar Store and You Can Get Your Whole House Organized ...

By Neecey

A Trip to the Dollar Store and You Can Get Your Whole House Organized ...

I know you love the dollar store and I know you'd love a home or dorm room that was fantastically organized. So we can combine having everything neat and tidy with saving money. Fantastic right? I've pulled together a whole slew of organizational ideas using items from the dollar store with minimal DIY effort involved to put them to work.

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DIY File Rack

room,wall,interior design,lighting,design, Via DIY Office File Rack | ...
Metal display easels, pencil cups, and butterfly clips.


This article is about a DIY File Rack that can be made with a trip to the dollar store. It provides instructions on how to make a stylish file rack from metal display easels, pencil cups, and butterfly clips. This file rack is perfect for organizing documents, bills, and other paperwork. It is easy to assemble and can be customized to fit any space. Additionally, it is an affordable way to get your whole house organized. This article is a great resource for anyone looking for an easy and budget-friendly way to organize their home.


Organize Tupperware and Storage Containers

room,furniture,cupboard,laundry room,home, Via 16 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas ...
Use plastic bins.


Store Purses

clothing,bag,product,handbag, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Who knew shower hooks could be so useful?


Linen Closet Make-over

room,furniture,shelf,product,closet, Via abirdandabean.com
So simple.


Inexpensive & Cute Bathroom Storage

room,furniture,shelf,product,interior design, Via Voor in de badkamer Door ...
Towel bars, dollar store baskets & strong ribbon

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Draw Organizers

meal,food, Via 50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap ...
Use baskets to keep your makeup, cosmetics and toiletries in order.


Smalls Storage

product,OOO, Via To organize socks in the ...
S hooks and dollar store baskets


Easy Kitchen Organization

Kool Aid,art,ORANGE,TWININGS,RISH, Via 12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips ...
Get dividing those drawers to keep sachets and small things neat and easy to hand.


Battery Storage

hand, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
You can usually find all manner of divided plastic containers at a dollar store.


Puzzle Storage

bag,product,furniture,baby carriage,car seat, Via The Navy Stripe: Organizing Kids ...
Use zippered pencil pouches to organize puzzles instead of storing the bulky boxes. Cut off the image from the front of the box and store it.


Extra Storage and Shelf Space in the Kids' Bedroom or Playroom

product,Quick,Easy,Storage,Shevng, Via 3 step storage solution
Told ya it was minimal DIY!


Fabric Storage

room,art,product,interior design,textile, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
For all you sewers out there. Make use of a trouser hanger.


Nail Polish Storage

art,dress,pattern,textile,NDW, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Those pocket organizers are useful for so many things. Did you already think of this?


Jewelry Organizer

jewellery,fashion accessory,lighting,chandelier,earrings, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Accordion hooks make great hangers for jewelry as well as coast.


Pan Storage

wheel,automotive exterior,bumper,tire,rim, Via Dollar Tree Organizing, Garage Storage ...
Storing all different sizes of pans and bakeware is a nightmare ... usually.


Door Storage

room,product,shelf,bumper,furniture, Via The Hats of a Homemaker: ...
Make the use of doors with narrow baskets from the dollar store.


Hair Pins and Bits

modern art,gun accessory, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
simple magnetic strips = simple storage solutions.


Charging Station

product,multimedia,brand,security alarm,presentation, Via My Blue Daisy...: Clear the ...
Go to the dollar store. Pick up a shower caddy with suction cups. No more counter clutter.


Plastic Caddy

product,food,meal,dish, Via Creative Thriftiness: Food Tote for ...
Such a neat idea to keep your car clean.


Refrigerator Makeover

room,product,shelf,refrigerator,kitchen, Via Dollar Store Refrigerator Makeover
Yes - even your fridge can have the dollar store treatment.


Nail Polish Organizer

room,furniture,shelf,product,shelving, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
An alternative use for a spice rack.


Budget Pantry Makeover

room,pantry,product,Pantry,Makeover, Via Pantry Makeover - How to ...
You could be the proud owner of a pantry like this.


Box Storage

product,shelf,furniture,Donate,Deliver, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Simple and cheap cardboard boxes are great for organizing just about anything. You will need to buy the wire storage frame though.


Closet Solution

clothing,room,dress,interior design,textile, Via 20 DIY Closet Solutions - ...
All those tanks on one coat hanger!


Metal Dollar Store Planters

room,product,furniture,laundry,table, Via Serenity Now: Dollar Tree. Spray ...
It's easy to repurpose metal containers with the help of some spray paint - talking of which ...


Spray Painting

tent,product,furniture, Via Use a Garment Bag For ...
When you’re spray painting, to contain the overspray, use a dollar store garment bag.


Jewelry Holder

Naturopathie,color,room,art,shelf, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
With the smallest amount of effort, you can make cutlery trays into storage for your jewelry stash.


Hair Tools

automotive exterior, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
An ingenious use for a magazine file.


Home Medical Kit

room,pantry,product,shelf,BAND, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Where would you put all that stuff if you didn't put it in an over the door pocket organizer?


Game Organization

inflatable,play,product,games,tin can, Via All For the Love of ...
So much easier than trying to keep loads of boxes of all different shapes and sizes neat and tidy.


Car Organizer

car,vehicle,land vehicle,automotive exterior,automobile make, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
A couple of cheap hanging organizers and a few strategically placed Command strip hangers will help you to perfectly organize supplies in your car or minivan.


Keep Hair Ties Tidy

pink,head,organ,lighting,ear, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
With the help of a shower ring.


Keep Your Cords Tidy

product,technology,electronics accessory,electronic device, Via 17 Super Simple Dorm Organization ...
Pick up a pack of binder (bulldog) clips at the dollar store and you're good to go.


Keep Jewelry Organized While Traveling

lighting,technology,electronic device,electronics accessory, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Use a plastic pill organizer.


Kids Art Supplies

food,dessert, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
A muffin tin and plastic cups - oh so easy.


Tights Tidy

clothing,fashion accessory,textile,material,TIDY, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Use Command Strips to put up a magnetic strip, glue magnets onto clothes pins. Works for scarves and belts too.


Twine Dispenser

pink,lighting,candle,mason jar,tin can, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Pick up a sugar dispenser the next time you're at the dollar store.


Store Wrapping Paper

brand,Wrapping,Paper,Rolials,BANANA, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Did you ever think to keep your gift wrap in a garment bag?


Under the Sink

man made object,product,bottle,drinkware,glass bottle, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Short tension rods can double the useable space under your sink.


Use All the Dead Space

room,pantry,shelf,product,interior design, Via Style | Babble
Screw little wire baskets which are actually pencil holder drawer thingies to the sides of the pantry to hold spices and other stuff.


Power Strip Organization

product,shelf,furniture,lighting,cage, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
OMG - I so love this. Power cords are the bane of my life.


Organizing Underwear

pink,clothing,fashion accessory,textile,material, Via Home For4 Sweet Home: {Spring ...
$1 Photo Organizer for underwear drawer


Crayon Organization

play,toy,food,beer pong,dessert, Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...
Finally! A use for popsicle trays other than for popsicles.


Store out of Season Clothes

text,product,Use,comforter,bags, Via 12 Creative Ways to Store ...
Then you just need to find somewhere to stack up the bags.

So are you ready for a trip to the dollar store to be the most super-duper organized house on the block?

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