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Closet Organization Tips to De-clutter and Refresh in the New Year ...

By Leiann

This lady is on the ball! It may not be spring yet, but who said there was only one set time to de-clutter? Find out what she does below...

I like to donate. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

Then, I like how she keeps totes for items that she just cannot part with. If the totes are not opened within the next 6 months, she donates.

Something expensive? Sell on-line.

Next, I like how she states that you should not compare yourself to another person. Personally, I see women walking around with an everyday wardrobe of "PINK", then I look at my wardrobe of inexpensive simple stuff. Should I be jealous? Well, I give to charity (my church) with clothes and I buy from charity for clothes (such as Salvation Army). Someone is going to be grateful for me and I am going to be grateful for someone else. Gratitude. See?

I hope you found the video useful and thank you for watching.

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