Ways to Organize a Small Dorm Room ...

Most students are faced with the mammoth task of how to arrange the furniture in their cramped dorm room while still being able to see the floor. You’re used to having a big room where you can store everything that you own, but when you move off to college you’ll find the room infinitely smaller and therefore unable to contain all of your possessions. There are, however, some alternatives to having to leave everything at home – here are some of the ways to organise a small dorm room most efficiently.

1. Buy Some Boxes

A great tip on saving space is to use boxes as much as you can. If you don’t use things on a regular basis, such as your Friends box set that you decided you had to take but haven’t watched in three months, then you should place them into a box and seal it up. The best option is to buy boxes which can be stacked and fit in the small crevices, such as under your bed or next to your bookcase, where they won’t get in the way. You’ll find that if you stack them high your room will look a lot tidier and therefore you’ll have a lot more space to play with.