7 Essential Tools You Should Have in Your Toolbox ...


7 Essential Tools You Should Have in Your Toolbox ...
7 Essential Tools You Should Have in Your Toolbox ...

When you first start living on your own, you discover that there are some basic tools you should have in your toolbox. After moving into my first apartment, one of the first things my mom got me was a hammer. At first I thought this was a very strange housewarming present, but then I realized that it was just one of several essential tools you should have in your toolbox. If you are just starting out on your own, having a few basic tools will help you be prepared for almost anything.

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I already mentioned that one of the first tools I was given when I moved out on my own was a hammer, but what I didn’t mention was how useful I found it. Hammers are extremely helpful for hanging pictures and putting together prefabricated furniture. I couldn’t have done either without a hammer, which is why a hammer is one of the tools you should have in your toolbox.



A Philip’s head and a flat head screwdriver are two other essential items you should have in your toolbox. Screwdrivers are helpful for putting together furniture. Also, they are needed for tightening loose screws on door handles, cupboards, and even pots and pans. Without a screwdriver any of these jobs would be almost impossible.



Wrenches are very helpful for screwing nuts and bolts. I would not have been able to put my bed frame together without a wrench. If you are getting a wrench, try to get a wrench that is adjustable so it will fit any size nut or bolt. If you can’t find an adjustable wrench, just be sure to get a set of wrenches in different sizes.



Pliers are actually surprisingly useful. I often use them to grip small objects, and they are great for getting jewelry out of drains. I have also used my pliers to clean hair out of drains. While this isn’t their intended use, they do work great for it.


Vice Grip

Vice grips are so helpful when you can’t hold onto something tightly enough. For example, when I replaced my shower head, I needed a vice grip to get the old shower head off. It was screwed on too tightly for me to get it off by myself, but with the vice grip I was able to loosen the shower head and replace it.


Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is one of the most basic items you can have in a toolbox, but it is absolutely essential. Your measuring tape will come in handy when you are hanging pictures, buying or moving furniture, or hanging curtain rods. If you don’t already have a measuring tape, get one that is retractable. It makes life so much easier!



I realize a drill may seem like a big step up from these other tools. It is a power tool after all! However, a small drill can make certain jobs much easier. Putting together furniture, drilling holes in the wall, and even drilling drainage holes for flower pots are all jobs that you couldn’t easily do without a drill. I will admit, using a drill can be intimidating at first, but when you learn how to use it, you will want to drill holes in everything!

Having a well-stocked toolbox can help make living on your own much easier. You will be more equipped to repair something that is broken or just decorate your space. However you use your tools, you will be happy you have them. What do you keep in your toolbox?

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Zip ties are ridiculously useful. Just a small bundle is wonderful. Corral cords. Repair your gas cap holder. Tie up plants.

Duct tape and a level

Pincers - I've had to hide mine as they are so useful even in non-DIY! One of those wooden folding measuring thingies builders use (like a collapsible ruler) - infinitely useful for lots of things like sewing and arts


And a can of WD40. Lubricates and can take out spots in laundry. Dad said loosen it up with WD40 and hold it in place with duct tape. (Kitty Eva - you're a wise woman. I love my level too!)

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