7 Ways to Streamline Your Cleaning Routine ...


7 Ways to Streamline Your Cleaning Routine ...
7 Ways to Streamline Your Cleaning Routine ...

I believe everyone is up for learning ways to streamline your cleaning routine. I know that I am. I am going to share the tips that I follow to make keeping my home clean an easier task. I hope that this helps you to streamline your cleaning routine.

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Have a Cleaning Plan

You cannot expect to streamline your cleaning routine if you do not have a cleaning plan. Everyone’s cleaning plan is going to look different. The point is that you find a plan that fits your personality and schedule. For me, it works best to have one day a week set aside to do a thorough cleaning. I have daily things that I work toward as well. This makes it easier when it does come time to do the big cleaning.


Have Daily Chores

I have daily chores that I do every day. Each day, I pick up and put away anything that is out of place. I also clean the kitchen daily and preferably as I go. I do any loads of laundry that need to be laundered each day. Those three little chores make my home look neat and presentable. It also keeps it in good order in between weekly cleanings.


Keep All Your Cleaning Supplies Together

It is best to keep all of your cleaning supplies together. This way, when you are ready to clean, they are all in one place and you do not have to look for them. It can be helpful to even have a bucket with all the bathroom cleaning supplies in it so you just have to grab it and go. If you have more than one bathroom, you could even store one bucket with all the necessary supplies in each bathroom. The goal here is to make it easier for you to get into your cleaning.


Block off a Chunk of Time

You cannot clean if you do not have time to do it. To effectively clean, you must set time aside specifically for that purpose. For me, I like to clean and I clean best when I am home alone. This way there is no interruption to my time. I know this is not always possible.


Pick up as You Go

I have always said that if we would just pick up as we go along, it would make cleaning so much easier. I preach this to my family. If everything is picked up and put away then all you have to do is go through and clean. You don’t have to spend valuable time straightening up before you clean. It is a bit of a hard habit to get into but is worth the time and effort. Once you begin to live in this way, you will never want to go back to being sloppy.


Plan an Easy Dinner on Cleaning Day

You know, maybe it is just me but I find it very difficult to do a thorough weekly cleaning and cook at the same time. Therefore, that does not happen. When I clean, I plan a very easy dinner for that day. I want something that will get me in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible so that I can get back to the chores I am working on. I usually opt for pizza, chicken sandwiches or other meals that are easy to fix or order.


Ask for Help

You know, you can always ask your family to help you with the cleaning. That does not mean that it will happen. But when you have help, you can get the work done so much easier. It cuts the time way down. If nothing else, they can at least pick up their own stuff and put it away.

I hope these tips help you to streamline your cleaning routine. What tips do you use? Share your knowledge with us!

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I'm sure this was a helpful article but I'm stuck on the authors admission that she does laundry EVERY DAY. Such a waste of energy, also, what are you doing daily that your clothes need to be washed daily?!

3 and 5 work well with me.

I need to be better about keeping things put away especially my shoes! My daughter and I both have shoe piles in separate places of the house. I work 12 hr days so when I get home I've been gone about 14 hrs so we tend to just drop stuff and go to bed those days....bad habit, makes a mess.

Having a cleaning plan works if you stick to it!

Making your bed everyday and putting the dishes away is a huge help. Really makes a difference in the rooms.

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