9 Uses for Dental Floss You Probably Never Thought of ...


If you follow a good dental routine, you’ve undoubtedly got a box of dental floss in your bathroom cabinet, but did you know there are some uses for dental floss other than keeping your gums healthy? You might imagine that this seemingly innocuous product is so thin its functionality is limited, but some of these uses for dental floss are sure to make you think about having a box elsewhere around the home, as well as in the bathroom. Some surprises await you!

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Support Climbing Plants

Dental floss is ideal to support your trailing and climbing plants. It is thin and strong which means it will easily hold your plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and strawberries, and help them climb your wall or trellis. You can even make like a spider and create a DIY trellis from floss. I find this one among the best uses for dental floss.


Line-dry Clothing

It may surprise you but the dental floss is strong enough to hold your wet clothes for drying! All you have to do is find two objects that you can tie it between and you are good to go. This may be one is a strange but one of the practical ways to use dental floss, but It’s especially good for drying clothes when traveling and you don’t want to pack a line of any sort.


Remove Sticky Photos

If you’ve seen your grandma’s photo album, you’ll have noticed that old photos tend to stick to the pages in the album. You’ll definitely want to remove them at some point to conserve them digitally, but the danger of destroying them during removal still exists. And even if you peel them off really carefully it’s so probable you’ll end with creases and pull marks. Using dental floss to remove them from the pages works wonderfully well! Just slide the floss under the photo and gently pull to ease it from the page.


Remove Cookies from a Tray

How many times have you had to wrestle with a palette knife or spatula to get a cookie off the baking tray? Inevitably it breaks, yes? In the same way you can ease photos off a page, you can use dental floss to separate your cookies from the tray without damage to the cookies.


Fix Your Luggage

Having a broken zipper or lock on your suitcase when you pick it up off the conveyer at your destination, or as you are packing to come home is a real mare. No fear. Assuming you’ve got some in your toiletries bag, one of the practical ways to use dental floss is to secure your luggage.


Make a Hair Tie

Another one of the stranger uses for dental floss is to use it to tie your hair. It’s certainly more gentle on your hair than elastic bands.


Use It to Sew

Dental floss is basically a thread, just like the one you use for sewing. However, it has the added benefit of being much stronger. Hence, using it to fix your buttons or patch up a hole in your bag is a good idea.


Quieten a Dripping Faucet

Leaking faucets aren’t just irritating, they are also wasting precious water. However, most of us get irritated because it means we have to call the plumber to fix it. Here’s something handy for those who hate dripping faucets. You can tie a piece of your dental floss around the faucet and trail it down to the basin. This won’t stop the water but at least you can sleep peacefully without having to listen to the constant dripping as the water rolls down the floss instead of dropping straight into the sink. You can then call the plumber in the morning.


Hang Things around the House

Dental floss is strong and stretchable. You can therefore easily use it to hang pictures around the house. It’s also good for mobiles and anything else were you might use a wire to hang. And the bonus is, it won’t leave marks on your walls.

Now you know what a magic little box of tricks dental floss is! I’d love to hear of any more uses for dental floss you’ve ever tried or heard of. Please share!

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I use floss picks for nail arts too :) it helps to make nice lines and patterns!

Good article you have shared on dental floss. I really liked your ideas. No one should forget the power of flossing. It is a vitally important component to anyone’s oral care routine and should not be missed. Without flossing you may still be leaving about 30 percent of the plaque between your teeth. Not only does flossing help prevent gum disease, but it may actually stave off heart disease. So clean between your teeth at least once a day.

Floss is also good for stringing pearls and beads on to make jewellry

You forgot making it look like you used a striper on your nails

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