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Closets are sometimes overlooked and forgotten about but this stops now! If you're someone who just needs their closet to be super organised, neat and tidy then you're going to love these quick and easy tips to instantly improve yours! ❤️ ✨

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Add Extra Shelves for Storage

You might have a set of shelves in your closet already (hopefully, anyway!) but did you know that you don't necessarily have to make do with those few shelves? Let's be honest - you have too many clothes to fit in them anyway! Solve this problem by simply adding extra shelves in the space (provided there's a decent gap) between the existing ones!


Store Everything by Their Average Use

I know it's tempting to just stuff everything that will fit into your closet because it's there to hold stuff, right? Don't fall into this trap, though! Be strategic about it and store the things you hardly ever use (such as big winter duvets, electric blankets, air mattress, suitcases etc.) at the very back or up high. Then put everything you use often (such as hairdryers, clothes, shoes etc.) near the front so it's easily accessed when you need it.


Use Clever Categories

There's no point hanging up your clothes in a random order unless you want to spend ages trying to find pieces just when you want to wear them! Use clever categories to group your clothes, which can either be by garment (such as keeping all your dresses together, then all skirts, coats etc.) or by season (summer on the left through to winter on the right).


Don't Be Afraid to Decorate

Your closet doesn't have to be a small, dark room that has spiders and goodness knows what else lurking in the corners! Get creative and take the time to give it a wee makeover. You might want to hang up some fairy lights around the outside, pin up some cute posters on the walls or even put a bright and colourful rug underneath! Treat your closest like it's any other room in your doesn't deserve to be forgotten about!


The Magic of Matching

Cramming clothes and what not into boring cardboard boxes isn't really all that motivating, is it? The easy fix to this problem is to invest in some affordable matching boxes that are fun and cute to look at, so you'll always have motivation to put clothes away at the end of the day! If you really want to go the extra mile, extend this to matching hangers and even shoe boxes!


Extend Your Closet

You may only have a tiny room that you refer to as 'the closet', but not everything you want to store has to fit into this space! Extend your closet and bring the contents into the rest of your room by using wall space to hang jewellery pieces (such as necklaces or bracelets) - genius! As well as this you can make use of any room under your bed by turning this into extra storage!


Include a Handy Ladder

Remember that big winter duvet or those bulky suitcases that we talked about earlier? Well, you will need to get those down eventually and what better way to reach them than with a handy, slim stepladder? This is perfect to reach those high things right when you need them and can also be easily tucked away along the side (or even behind some clothes if you don't want it to be visible) where it won't get in your way when you don't need it!

A truly organised closet can do a world of good, that's for sure!

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