50 Creative Gifts Mom Will Adore This Mother's Day ...


50 Creative Gifts Mom Will Adore This Mother's Day ...
50 Creative Gifts Mom Will Adore This Mother's Day ...

Want to make your mom something special as a Mother's Day gift this year? I always think a DIY project can be more meaningful than a shop bought present - even the smallest shows the sweetest gesture. It doesn't matter if you aren't particularly crafty, there's bound to be something you can make a good job of - especially in this diverse list from Shutterfly.com. Check out their list of creative DIY Mother's Day gifts and have some fun!

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Decorative Wall Art

art, design, illustration, Make for wall art your mom’s special day with a favorite family photo. Include an inspirational quote from one of her favorite movies, books or songs. She’ll love hanging this in her living room, her bedroom or some other special place in the house.


Photo Necklace

pendant, necklace, jewellery, fashion accessory, locket, The best Mother’s Day gifts are ones with a personal touch. Place a special photo in a necklace for a keepsake that will last a lifetime. She’ll enjoy tucking this close to her heart every day, especially on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.


Hallway Rug

color, art, pattern, design, textile, Braid together colorful strands of scrap fabric for a creative Mother’s Day gift idea. Perfect for jazzing up a sitting room or hallway entry area, this DIY rug will brighten up the room and her life! Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for showing us a perfect way to use old fabrics.


Garden Stone

plant, botany, rock, pebble, land plant, Add a lovely touch to Mom’s vegetable or flower garden with a personalized garden stone. Include an inspirational message or quote so she thinks of you every time she sees it. Choose from a heart- or oval-shaped garden stone to match Mom’s personal style.


Giant Backyard Games

art, play, pattern, design, textile, Using 2×4 boards and colored paints, create a giant block game for Mother’s Day with this handy guide from A Beautiful Mess. Mom will enjoy playing with you and the whole family in spring, summer and fall. She might even host a game night with friends to enjoy this exciting twist on a long-time favorite.


Art from the Heart

text, brand, picture frame, Customize a wood frame and add a photo of you and Mom—or one of the whole family. With a quote, inspirational message or favorite song lyric, Mom will love displaying the frame in her office or at home.


Salt and Pepper

glass bottle, bottle, flavor, Add a dash of love to your Mother’s Day celebrations. Decorate salt and pepper shakers with simple etched designs. Mom can use them every evening at dinner or for special occasions when she hosts guests. Find the tutorial a A Beautiful Mess.


Silhouette Art

picture frame, window, wood, Create silhouettes of children or grandchildren and frame them in wood with tips from Activity Village. Mom will have new home decor and an easy way to think of you. From small to large silhouettes, Mom will definitely find a special place in her home to hang these.


Bring Fun to Dinner

meal, dish, brunch, food, supper, Select Mom’s favorite photos and design a table runner for holidays, dinner parties or everyday use. Mom will appreciate how her newest decoration keeps her dining room full of life and love.


Citrus Extracts

yellow, produce, land plant, glass bottle, food, Peel lemons and oranges for mixing your own citrus extracts. Mom will appreciate the fresh taste she can add to her cooking and baking. Learn how it’s made on Akshayapaatram‘s blog.


Sweet Sips

mug, coffee cup, cup, drinkware, ceramic, Give Mom a gift she can use every day: a personalized tea or coffee mug. She can start her day remembering favorite family moments—like a spring break vacation or snowshoeing excursion. Even on the busiest days, she’ll have a moment to relax and sip her favorite drink.


Naturally Sweet

food, drink, produce, juice, bottle, Be a sweetheart like Amy Azzarito by giving Mom natural honey. She’ll savor the fresh taste and enjoy the health benefits. Add a shaped design or lettering to the jars for a decorative touch.


Family Canvas

picture frame, bride, dress, gown, Create a classic and personalized work of art with an elegant canvas print. Mom can hang this in her favorite room and always remember the loving family that surrounds her. Consider using childhood photos or black and white prints for a timeless look.


Charm Necklace

jewellery, necklace, red, fashion accessory, pendant, Be Brave Keep Going shows us how to express love and gratitude this Mother’s Day by crafting a simple heart out of clay and stringing it through a necklace chain. You and your Mom’s heart will remain close with this creative Mother’s Day idea.


Personalized Serving Tray

meal, party, brunch, baby shower, Personalize a serving tray for when Mom hosts. She can use it for appetizers, a snack mix or an array of drinks. She’ll be proud to show off the family photos and her creative Mother’s Day gift.


Pressed Flowers

food, play, dessert, art, fondant, Gather flowers from local fields and gardens using tips from Be Brave Keep Going. Press and preserve the flowers in a unique arrangement—and gift your Mom beautiful wall art. She can hang your handcrafted piece in her entryway, living room or bedroom.


Stay Organized

picture frame, heart, illustration, dishware, Remind busy moms that they are loved and cared for. With this photo paperweight, she’ll always think of peace and joy, no matter how hectic her desk is. Choose photos that will bring a smile to her face, like those from a holiday celebration or family camping trip.


Tea Candles

candle, close up, macro photography, drink, lighting, Find decorative tea cups in your home or at second-hand stores. Budget Savvy Diva shows us how to fill them with wax and add a wick. Your Mom will love the beauty of this creative Mother’s Day gift idea, especially if she’s a tea lover.


Chic Yet Functional

product, fashion accessory, textile, brand, material, Design a personalized canvas pouch for Mom’s jewelry, school supplies or charging cords. Match her style with colors to go with any outfit or purse. She’ll love being both stylish and organized.


String Art

yellow, art, fashion accessory, paper, origami, Use a string and pin design from Cause I Like Food’s blog to design a shape that has meaning to your Mom—like a heart, animal or home state. She’ll notice the extra thought and care you put into this work of art. She’ll probably be impressed with your creative skills, too!


Emergency Kit

product, label, food, Make up for all the times you gave your mom a headache. Fill a canning jar with Advil, chapstick and other tiny favorites like breath mints and nail polish. She’ll get a kick out of this gift idea from Classy Clutter and find herself using it all year long!


Smartphone Case

product, hand, finger, Add personal flair to her phone case so she’ll carry her favorite people and moments around with her all day. Design a phone case just for Mom with family photos from vacations, everyday outings or holidays.


Lovely Reminders

pink, heart, font, petal, organ, The best Mother’s Day gifts come from the heart. Sew tiny felt hearts your Mom can take with her wherever she goes—or leave them in the jar for decoration and a reminder of how deeply she’s loved. You can find craft instructions on the Curly Birds blog.


Reusable Bags

bag, clothing, product, brand, pattern, Go green by gifting Mom reusable shopping bags—perfect for groceries, shopping at the farmer’s market or carrying items to work. With a personalized look, she can be reminded of your love even on the busiest of days.


Bedazzled Barrette

flower, floristry, Bedazzle a hair comb, barrette or headband for your mom to pull her hair back in style. She’ll be extra proud to show off your gift every time she wears it. For detailed steps, visit Hopeful Honey’s DIY blog post.


Go Fish

product, multimedia, brand, picture frame, gadget, Does your mom love playing a round of cards? Jazz up family game night with a personalized deck, including photos from family vacations, outdoor excursions and cozy nights at home.


Family Recipe Collection

yellow, advertising, brand, Gather the best recipes from family and friends or draw on your own cooking know-how. Gift your mom an easy-to-use recipe ring. Using Lil’ Luna’s easy instructions, include a range of recipes, or narrow it down to a category like desserts, soups or veggie entrées.


Styling Outdoors

product, banner, pillow, furniture, throw pillow, Spice up Mom’s deck or patio with customized outdoor pillows. Choose a family photo from a trip or summer celebration to bring extra fun to her spring and summer days.


For the Pet-Lover

ear, fur, fashion accessory, textile, material, These Mother’s Day gift ideas from Design*Sponge are perfect for pet moms! Use key rings and leather to make unique tags for dogs, cats or bunnies. She’ll love how personal and classy these look.


Homemade Soap

food, dessert, breakfast, meal, icing, Stir up a batch of homemade soap and tie it with giftwrap using tips from Love, Pomegranate House. Relaxing scents, like lavender or vanilla, will make your mom appreciate you even more (especially at the end of a long day!)


Clever T-Shirt

clothing, dress, sleeve, fashion, spring, Get creative and design your Mom a catchy t-shirt. Lune Blog suggests picking a favorite phrase or quote she’ll be excited to wear. You can also try this on a sleeveless or long-sleeve shirt.


Morning Surprise

drink, brand, distilled beverage, sense, meal, Follow Michelle Edgemont’s lead by brightening Mom’s mornings with a basket of the best items, like a newspaper subscription, fresh coffee grounds and a mug. She can start her days knowing how much you care.


DIY Clock

man made object, clock, art, product, furniture, Make a personalized clock from the map of your mom’s hometown or current neighborhood. Mod Podge Rocks shares easy tips and a complete supplies list. Even when she’s running late, Mom will always think of you when she checks the time.


For Keepsakes

food, dessert, meal, cake, produce, Give Mom a heartfelt reminder of your love with this idea from Mod Podge Rocks. Decorate a jewelry or keepsake box where your mom can store all of her special belongings, like rings, mementos, heirlooms and travel souvenirs.


Bookends for the Bookworm

color, shelf, An ultimate choice for a book lover, stylish bookends make for fun and useful Mother’s Day gifts. Find an old telephone and recreate a retro look, or go modern with a sleek wood design. Follow the guide from Oh So Lovely Blog.


Glass Magnets

product, organ, Spruce up Mom’s fridge by personalizing your own magnets. Include photos, favorite phrases and bright colors. She will smile every time she hangs a photo or postcard on the refrigerator.


Floral Earrings

earrings, jewellery, petal, fashion accessory, art, Add flair from Smashed Peas and Carrots to your mom’s jewelry collection with handcrafted floral earrings. These will make her feel fashionable, giving her something stylish to wear to community events, drinks with the gals or a night on the town.


Birthstone Necklace

pendant, jewellery, fashion accessory, necklace, locket, Make your gift memorable with a birthstone necklace from the Sugar Bee Crafts blog. To show your thoughtfulness, place it in a shape that’s meaningful for her, like a heart, star or her favorite animal.


Lift Her Spirits

product, brand, illustration, Let Mom know she is treasured each and every day with a personalized photo mouse pad. She’ll think of you often—whether she’s at home or at the office.


Gardening Pots

flower, plant, land plant, floristry, flowering plant, Paint flower pots with fun designs and share them with your mom this May. She’ll love the personal touch and fresh blooms. Using ideas from That Artist Woman, you can also paint a canvas for Mom to match your flower pot design.


Fresh Herbs

floristry, produce, herb, flower, Bring fresh herbs, such as rosemary, basil and mint, into your mom’s home. This gift idea from The Aqua House will keep on giving as it grows and produces delicious herbs for her to cook with!


Pom Pom Bracelet

cartoon, font, finger, calligraphy, hand, When it comes to Mother’s Day creative gift ideas, these pom pom bracelets from A Beautiful Mess are at the top of the list. For a mom with a fun personality, adding color to her wardrobe is sure to be a hit. Sample out a few colors before determining the right mix for Mom.



font, art, brand, number, The best Mother’s Day gifts are usually personalized with an extra ingredient of fun. With this original tic-tac-toe board made by A Beautiful Mess, your mom will have fun playing with friends and family all year long.


Letter Coasters

cup, drink, coffee cup, caffeine, coffee, Language loving moms will get a kick out of these homemade coasters from Gourmet Gab. Make a word array with her favorite things like lattes or tea, or go more sentimental with words about love, life and family. Crafting tip: find inexpensive Scrabble tiles at second-hand shops.


Warm Her Heart

room, furniture, product, textile, interior design, Keep your mom’s heart and soul warm with a personalized fleece photo blanket. When she curls up, she’ll be reminded of all the love that surrounds her. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch or having a picnic in summer.


Baked with Love

food, dessert, cookie, chocolate chip cookie, cookies and crackers, Yum! This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to her favorite homemade cookies. For a special touch, present them in a giftbox or resealable container. Try this espresso white chocolate chip recipe from Gourmet Gab. Mom will love not being the one to bake for once.


Birdhouse for the Indoors

art, pattern, spring, design, christmas decoration, Charming and useful, these Mother’s Day gift ideas from Torie Jayne are bound to make her quite excited! Use paints and decorative paper to match these birdhouse key holders to the style of your mom’s home, or consider painting a feeder or birdhouse for outside her window.


Artist’s Rendering

art, That Artist Woman shows us how to pencil a drawing of Mom with personalized card attached. Mom’ll be flattered by her personal portrait and impressed with your artistic skills. She can frame your work or hang it on the fridge after Mother’s Day.


Paper Flowers

red, flower, plant, petal, poppy, Get crafty and create vibrant flowers out of paper or newspaper following tips from That Artist Woman. These flowers will stay fresh all year long and can be made in all colors like red, orange, blue and purple.


Catch All Tray

jewellery, earrings, necklace, fashion accessory, bead, Personalize a catch all tray for Mom to keep her rings, change, keys and more. Add photos from family gatherings, days at the park or other celebrations.

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