7 DIY Graduation Caps Your Classmates Will Adore ...


If you’re crafty, one of the best parts about graduating to you is probably decorating your graduation cap. If you’re not, though, coming up with an idea can be tough. Whether you’re crafty or not, this list will provide you with great graduation cap design inspiration. This is your chance to stand out in a crowd of people who look almost exactly the same, so pick a design that speaks to who you are and have been over the past four years!

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Silver, Sleek and Chic

clothing,fashion, When it comes to graduation caps, a lot of girls just want to go simple, but they also want to make a statement. That’s where this cap comes in. It pops, because the silver mirror effect is shiny and stands out. But it’s still simple and understated. It’s not exactly covered in a lot of frills. If you’re a girl looking to make an understated statement, this design is perfect for you.


Oh the Places You’ll Go

art,fashion accessory,handbag,label,pattern, Did you grow up obsessed with scrapbooking? Tap back into those skills with this graduation cap. The various paper and stickers used are so fun, and the quote is just absolutely perfect for graduation. Whether you were a Dr. Seuss fan as a kid or simply have big adventures planned after school, this is such a fun design!



art,textile,bed sheet,pattern,material, We’re getting to an age now where the kids who are graduating grew up on Spongebob Squarepants. If you were one of those kids, this design is perfect for you. Not only is it simple, but it will make your entire class of fellow graduating students laugh.


Go with Your Favorite Quote

pink,font,advertising,banner,shape, I don’t graduate from college until next year, but I’ve already had one of my favorite quotes picked out for my graduation cap since I was a freshman. I think there’s something so special about picking a quote that helped you get through all of the tough times of the past four years of your life, because I’m sure there were a lot of them!


Glitter and a Monogram

yellow,flower,art,calligraphy, Don’t want to go down the quote path? Try this instead. Cover your cap with glitter spray paint, especially if you hate the colors your cap and gown are, to liven things up. Then, with puffy paint or stickers, add your monogram. It’s simple, but will catch someone’s eye from a mile away!


For the Harry Potter Fans

text,font,brand,signage,calligraphy, If you’re a Harry Potter super-fan, you’ve probably already seen this, and you’ve probably already planned for it to be your graduation cap design. Not only were we all tortured by FAFSA for the past four years, but it’s a funny joke that everyone can relate to, regardless of whether or not they loved Harry Potter.


Blinged out

clothing,pink,dress,fashion accessory,art, Just looking at this design makes me think that you’d need a lot of patience to make it happen. If you want to make this cap, start doing your research. It’s absolutely stunning and unique, but may take a little bit more time than your average graduation cap!

What are your favorite graduation cap designs? Have you already graduated? If so, what did you decorate your cap with? Let me know in the comments! I want to hear your ideas and tips!

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I did a Fault in Our Stars thing. It said "Graduation? Graduation." In the little bubbles. I thought it was pretty rad haha

I don't get why you would decorate your graduation hat...

Mine is going to say "She defied gravity". With two images of ballerinas in the center.

My high school didn't allow it either.. I couldn't stop laughing at the spongebob one! : )

@gaby so you can stand out

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