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There is something about DIY skyline-themed projects that never fail to make me smile. They are the right combination of whimsical and chic. Whether the design is intricate or features only simple lines, skyline style DIYs are simply stunning. Hope you enjoy these craft ideas!

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Lamp Cover

Lamp Cover This is probably one of the more popular skyline DIY projects out there. The great thing about this is that not only is it simple to make, it is also a wonderful recycling project. To make your lamp cover, you will need a nice photo of a skyline. Cut it, making sure to follow the tops of the buildings. Make a cylinder and then use it as a shade over battery-powered tealight candles. If you want your paper lamps to stay upright, you can also choose to wrap them around a clear jar first.

Source: fellowfellow.com


Alpenglow Landscape

Alpenglow Landscape How pretty is this skyline home décor DIY? A PDF pattern is provided for the skyline of this project. You will need to cut them with a sharp craft knife. After doing that, you arrange the Alps and the cityscape on a flat surface. Place LED tealights behind the mountains and enjoy your paper cutout craft project.

Source: swiss-miss.com


Chalkboard City

Chalkboard City This is a perfect room wall art for the littlest superhero in your life. Unlike Superman's abs, this project is not so very hard. In fact, you will need only chalkboard vinyl, X-Acto knife, and some chalk for this project. You cut the vinyl sheets to follow the shape of buildings. You then stick them to the wall of your choice. Draw windows and other facade details of your buildings after.

Source: thescrapshoppeblog.com


Bat Cave

Bat Cave If the previous DIY is perfect for a Superman fan, this one would be for the budding Bruce Wayne. This particular skyline DIY is more permanent since it was done using paint. This is perfect if your boy is set on a room theme that he wants. As you can see, you don't have to stick to the walls to make your skyline design. You can paint on furniture as well.

Source: anestforallseasons.com


Wooden London

Wooden London This is my favorite among these lovely skyline-themed DIYs. Not only do I love the fact that it is made of wood, the addition of string art is also quite awesome. You don't have to make yours a skyline of London. Any design that features a ferris wheel will work quite beautiful. Just make sure that you use big enough nails for the stringed sections or you might have a hard time putting up the spokes of the wheel.

Source: boxycolonial.blogspot.com


Houses of Holland

Houses of Holland Here is another fun recycling project that you can make following a skyline design. This calls for strips of wood. Pallet pieces should be perfect for this home décor DIY. As you can see, this house of Holland skyline was made for a boy's room. But if you paint it in all black or in any other chic color, it should fit in an adult's room, too.

Source: haba-fabrics.blogspot.nl


Hem Applique

Hem Applique How cute! These houses were added to a little lady's dress but I wouldn't mind having a skirt with a similar design. This is a simple applique sewing project that you can do using fabric scraps. I love the combination of plain and printed houses. You can also add a tree or even a car in front of the houses if you're feeling adventurous.

Source: oliverands.com

Aren't these skyline DIYs beautiful? I will be making one or two of these soon, no doubt about it.

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