9 Fun and Fabulous DIY Bikinis ...

You excited to hit the beach soon? We are here to help you prepare you through these amazing DIY Bikini projects. Most of these are simple makeovers that will make your old bikini look ready and trendy for the season. And don't worry, these DIY bikinis are easy on the pockets. By now, you should already know that I love affordable DIY projects. If you feel the same, then you will most likely be excited about these bikini DIYs as I am. Let's dive in!

1. Bow-Embellished

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Looking to give an old pair of bikinis a sweet and sultry update? One way to do that is to sew a bow onto either the top or the back of the bottom. If your bikini is not printed, I suggest that you go the color-blocking route. Choose a bow in a color that beautifully clashes with the hue of your bikini.


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