After Piecing Together Fabric Scraps, You'll Be Amazed at the Pretty Pouches You Can Make ...

Are fabric scraps taking over your sewing room? We offer you a way to tackle the potential fabric scrap monster forming in your home. In fact, we have here 7 ways in the form of 7 perfectly pretty patchwork pouches. Basically, these will help you deal with fabric scraps and will also give you beautifully functional items. Perfect!

1. Heart

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This adorable patchwork pouch tutorial offers you a fun way to use up small fabric pieces. It has a fantastic method for attaching a zipper as well. For those who have never tried sewing pouches with zippers, this is a great place to start. If you're not sold on the heart design, you can make yours with other shapes for the front as well. I think a star or even simple geometric forms will work.


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