7 Pineapple DIYs That Are Sure to Make You Smile ...


For those itching to experience sunny days, the following fun DIY pineapple crafts should be enough to tide you over. These are so cute and cheerful, you will surely smile when you make them. Create some for your vanity and some for your mantel. Make some for seasonal entertaining and some for all-year yellow goodness. Hope you enjoy the following pineapple-themed craft projects!

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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs How cute are these DIY pineapple Easter eggs? You will need only paint, glue, and green card stock to make your own set of tropical eggs. To make your egg pineapples more realistic, make sure that the green card stock you have for the leaves come in a variety of sizes. For those who are not contented with the plain design, you can also paint “eyes” on your egg pineapples.

Source: studiodiy.com



Planter These succulent planters look like they have a woven design. In reality, thought, they are not. The “fruit” part of this pineapple craft is made of triangle shape yellow paper. They were glued to the glass or container to mimic a woven design. This fun project will work only if you use a succulent with pointy leaves because said plant will act as the top leafy section of your pineapple.

Source: tellloveandchocolate.com


Jewelry Dish

Jewelry Dish This is so trendy in so many ways. The neon is edgy and cheerful and the color block look is also quite chic. This pineapple-shaped jewelry dish is made of polymer clay. If you want to skip the drying time, you can make yours using air dry clay. For a more precise look, you will be needing a pineapple cookie cutter for the shape. After baking or drying, you can paint or design the dish in any way you like. Finish with spray satin sheen for a nice shine.

Source: jadeandfern.com


Party Hats

Party Hats These are insanely cute! The best part: they are so easy to make. You will need plain party hats from the craft store. You will also need paint and green crepe paper. If you can't find party hats in yellow, paint should come in handy. After painting them yellow, add the “eye” details of the fruit using black paint or Sharpie. Finish off with leafy strips of crepe paper taped to the top.


Pillow Case

Pillow Case This is one tropically terrific pineapple printed pillow case. This print was done using stamps. For those who have been thinking of trying block printing, this is a fun project to start. You will be needing carving blocks, carving knives, a pineapple template, fabric paint, paint brush, and of course, a plain pillow case.

Source: ispydiy.com


Table Runner

Table Runner And if you think that having a pineapple pillow case is not enough to give your home a cheerful vibe, we give you this fun table runner DIY project. Unlike the previous DIY, you will not be printing fruits onto this table runner. You will be sewing small pineapples made of felt. Fun, right? I like the use of felt in different colors, too.

Source: scarves.net



Piñata Is it just me or are pineapple crafts perfect for throwing a super fun party? If you agree and you're actually itching to throw a shindig with this tropical theme, this DIY piñata should be part of your to-do list. The base here is a cocoon shape paper lantern. For the pineapple details, crepe paper in bright yellow and green were used.

Source: studiodiy.com

Ever made something with a pineapple theme? What was it and was it super fun to make?

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