Little Ones Helping in the Kitchen? Make These Cute Aprons for Them


One of the ways to make kids enjoy their food is to ask their help in making it. But kids in the kitchen can be a messy affair. To make cleaning up easier for you, you will want to make aprons for your little helpers. Aside from a relatively cleaner kitchen, giving them DIY kid's apron will also save your behind come laundry time. Before your next cooking adventure, whip up one of these adorable DIY kid's aprons.

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No-Sew Dish Towel

No-Sew Dish Towel How cute is this DIY kid's apron? The great thing about this is that you can make it without the aid of a sewing machine. Using a lovely dish towel, some matching ribbon, and fusible web tape, you will be able to construct an apron that your little kitchen helper will love.




Laminated This DIY kid's apron is made of laminated fabric. This means that it is easy to clean. You simply wipe off any mess your kids left on the apron after your kitchen adventures. They'd be able to use the apron again without you having to wash it first. Since this is laminated, you will want to use a Teflon foot when you sew it.



Mixed Print

Mixed Print Don't you just love the happy yellow of this DIY kid's apron? If you have half an hour to spare, you can make this adorable apron for your kitchen helper. You can make the bias tape yourself but you can also use several yards of bias tape from the craft store. For the rest of the apron, you will need only half a yard of fabric. About two fat quarters should work.



Repurposed Jeans

Repurposed Jeans Did you know that you can make an apron using an old pair of jeans? In fact, you can make TWO aprons with one pair of jeans. Since you will be making them for little humans, you will need one leg of the jeans for an apron. The pattern used here is simple. To add a cute factor, you can applique hearts to the front of the denim aprons.




Ruffled How cute! This is a kid's apron makeover, actually. Your local craft store probably carries aprons for children. They usually come in plain colors. Grab one in a color that you like and take out your fabric stash when you get home. Embellish your plain apron with ruffles and that's basically it.



Skirt Style

Skirt Style This is a half apron type that should be easy to make. For the main part of this DIY kid's apron, you will need only about 18x12” of fabric. You will also need bias tape and another strip of fabric for the waist straps. This particular apron features a back fabric in plain muslin but you can also use printed fabric for a fun reversible look.




Owl This is the perfect apron for a little kitchen helper who also happens to love costumes. It is also a wonderful project for a mom who has a lot of fabric scraps to go through. As you can see, the skirt part of the apron mimics feathers. They call for small fabric pieces in different colors and prints. These fabrics scraps will also be needed for the applique owl face.


Aren't these aprons just the cutest! Not only will they be perfect for your little kitchen helpers, I think they'll work as photo props as well. Think "Mommy and Me" cooking photo shoots. Adorable!

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