7 Absolutely Fun Faux Cactus DIY Projects for Your Home ...

When you hear the words DIY cactus, you probably think of gardening projects right away. But a DIY cactus project can also touch on the faux variety. Don't cringe at the faux part because they can be all sorts of cute and fun, too. Check out the projects below:

1. Turn a Plastic Cactus into a Side Table

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That's right, you can turn an ugly faux cactus into a quirky furniture for your home. If you want to give this fun DIY idea a go, you will need a plastic cactus from the dollar store, round wooden pieces for the bottom and top of the table, a pipe, glue, and some paint. Going for the single color look is ideal because the green plastic and wooden pieces will not look great together.

Source: plasteranddisaster.com

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