7 Baby Hats to Make for Those Who Don't Know How to Knit ...

Most DIY baby hat patterns come in knitted form. While they are terribly cute and fun, they're not exactly doable for those who can't knit. But never fear, there are many DIY baby hat ideas that are perfect for those who can't wield knitting needles. The following are simple sewing projects for making super adorable hats for babies. They are so fun, you will likely end up making a dozen or so. Which would be perfect if there happens to be a baby boom in your life right now. Happy sewing!

1. Stretchy and Floral

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These baby hats are stinkin' cute! These are easy to make, too. You will need only a small amount of knit fabric for this project. Make sure that you pre-wash your fabric before you sew your baby hats. For the floral accent, you can use any type of fabric that matches the hat beautifully.

Source: makeit-loveit.com

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