7 Baby Hats to Make for Those Who Don't Know How to Knit ...


Most DIY baby hat patterns come in knitted form. While they are terribly cute and fun, they're not exactly doable for those who can't knit. But never fear, there are many DIY baby hat ideas that are perfect for those who can't wield knitting needles. The following are simple sewing projects for making super adorable hats for babies. They are so fun, you will likely end up making a dozen or so. Which would be perfect if there happens to be a baby boom in your life right now. Happy sewing!

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Stretchy and Floral

Stretchy and Floral These baby hats are stinkin' cute! These are easy to make, too. You will need only a small amount of knit fabric for this project. Make sure that you pre-wash your fabric before you sew your baby hats. For the floral accent, you can use any type of fabric that matches the hat beautifully.

Source: makeit-loveit.com


Chin Strap with Flower

Chin Strap with Flower Some babies seem to find hats offensive. They'll do anything to swipe off whatever you put on their head. But if you need to keep them warm, a DIY baby hat with a chin strap is the perfect solution. Check out this fun free pattern to sew one for your little angel.

Source: fleecefun.com


Penguin Style

Penguin Style This is adorable. You can never have too many animal-themed accessories for your baby. If you happen to find penguins cute, this is the DIY baby hat for you. This project calls for knit fabric in black and yellow, felt in black and white, and a sewing machine.

Source: welivedhappilyeverafter.com



Sunhat This DIY baby hat would be perfect if you happen to have a fabric stash with beautiful prints. You can make this sun hat with a plain lining or you can use printed fabric as well for a fun reversible style. If you go the reversible route, you will have to skip the chin strap step.

Source: littlebuttondiaries.com


Old Sweater Remake

Old Sweater Remake These look knitted but they were made without the aid of a pattern. They are old knitted sweaters that were cut and sewed into adorable DIY baby hats. Don't you just love easy and cute recycling projects?

Source: makeit-loveit.com


White Bear

White Bear How adorable is this baby hat? Not only will it be perfect for keeping your baby warm, it also looks like a fantastic accessory for a woodland-themed photo shoot. You can make this cute hat with white fleece both for the exterior and lining. But a contrasting color for the lining will look cute, too. You can even use fabric with fun prints.

Source: howjoyful.com


Top Knot

Top Knot Here we have another easy DIY baby hat idea. These cuties are made of knit fabric in fun patterns. Since knit fabric doesn't fray easily, you don't need a serger for this project. Of course, if you have one, that will cut your sewing time to about half. To achieve the top knot style, the pattern of this hat has a fun elongated top design.

Source: makeit-loveit.com

There are several patterns here that will be perfect for my 1-year old niece. How about you? Will you be making one of the DIY baby hats above for a friend? Which of the patterns above do you like?

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