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Awesome Enlightenment You Have to See These Things You Can Make with Light Bulbs ...

By Neecey

Bet ya thought that light bulbs are pretty uninspiring things - right? Hold that thought until you've seen these crafts. You'll be amazed at the things you can do with light bulbs.

1 How to Hollow out a Light Bulb

product,lighting,hand,incandescent light bulb,finger,Via DIY Hollow Out A Light ...
Start with the basics

2 Sharpie Doodle Light Bulbs

blue and white porcelain,porcelain,ceramic,art,pattern,Via DIY Roundup: 25 Easy and ...


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3 Marimo Terrarium Light Bulb

blue,green,bottle,food,glass,Via Marimo terrarium, lightbulb terrarium, Aqua ...

4 Christmas Ornaments

snowman,christmas decoration,christmas tree,christmas,branch,Via Bulk Christmas Craft Idea: Glittery ...
Check out Pinterest - there are some fabulous Christmas ornaments made from light bulbs.

5 Cover a Light Bulb with a Doily and Spray Paint It

light fixture,lighting,lamp,glass,sconce,Via How to Paint Glass Light ...
Do this to "live" light bulbs. The pattern will shire on to the walls.

6 DIY Hot Air Balloon

iron,lighting,glass,table,drum,Via Brainstorm: Hot Air Balloons
You could paint them too.

7 Cover Them in Glitter

color,fashion accessory,christmas tree,christmas decoration,glitter,Via The 36th AVENUE | 25 ...
You can then fill a huge vase with them or attach string and hang on your tree.

8 Make into Modern Ornaments

jewellery,fashion accessory,winter,branch,christmas decoration,Via Modern Handmade Holiday Decor
Get creative with your own designs.

9 Vintage Christmas Light Wreath

christmas decoration,food,bead,Via Gettin' By
A great way to use up old strings of lights.

10 Paint a Light Bulb

color,green,art,design,illustration,Via Lightbulb 1 by Glitchness on ...
The effect is amazing.

11 DIY Light Bulb Vase

bottle,drinkware,vase,lighting,flower,Via List of top 15 easy ...
wouldn't this look fab on your windowsill?

12 Unique Gift Package

yellow,food,produce,plant,land plant,Via 20+ Awesome Upcycled & DIY ...
Fill with candies, a hot chocolate mix or bath salts.

13 Plants in a Light Bulb

flower arranging,floristry,flower,branch,flora,Via 26 Mini Indoor Garden Ideas ...
How cool is this?

14 Light Bulb Money Holder

product,bottle,drinkware,glass,money,Via Light Bulb Crafts - Think ...
A cute way to save money.

15 Wire Necklace

jewellery,fashion accessory,chain,pendant,silver,Via Steampunk Necklace- Brass Upcycled Light ...
Light bulb crafts use all sizes of bulbs.

16 DIY Earrings

fashion accessory,weapon,jewellery,Its,soft,Via Upcycle This! 15 Ways to ...
Even small bulbs!

17 Sweetheart Bulb

white,lighting,design,lamp,light,Via Bright Ideas: 20 Lightbulb Projects
Aww - who wouldn't love to receive this?

18 Make a Unique Piece of Sculpture

painting,art,still life,illustration,yad,Via 6 Halloween DIYs Based on ...
Old candlesticks and light bulbs. Who'd have thought?

19 Spikey Christmas Decor

flower,plant,land plant,flowering plant,petal,Via Nontraditional Centerpieces
Make these by sticking bulbs into Styrofoam balls.

20 Make Something Fun

insect,invertebrate,toy,Via How to Make a Bug ...
Make whimsical things to make for the sheer fun of making them.

21 Light Bulb Jack-o-lanterns

pumpkin,egg,cucurbita,gourd,food,Via The Best Light Bulb Crafts
A great alternative to pumpkins.

22 Garden Stakes

insect,flower,invertebrate,illustration,Via Hand painted glass bulb bug
Such a fun way to decorate the garden.

23 Light Bulb Terrariums

bottle,lighting,product,glass bottle,drinkware,Via DIY Lightbulb Terrariums - CLAD&CLOTH
Make these with air plants.

24 Make a Work of Art

Château de Vizille,white,black,black and white,light,Via Vitamin-Ha – light-bulb crafts (14 ...
The great thing about this sort of craft is that it's ready for display.

25 DIY Upcycled Light Bulb Centerpiece

meal,brunch,buffet,food,table,Via 3 Crazy Things To Do ...
Well, if you can get your hands on an old sugar mould ... why not?

26 Garden Mobile

tree,christmas tree,christmas decoration,christmas,holiday,Via Dishfunctional Designs: Things You Can ...
It's made with nail polish!

27 DIY Light Bulb Candle

candle,lighting,lamp,glass,incandescent light bulb,Via Light Bulb Lamp
It's actually an oil lap. It's stunning simple. I love it.

28 Get Crafting for Easter

snowman,art,Via The Best Light Bulb Crafts
Light bulbs are perfect for rabbits!

29 Holiday Topiary

christmas tree,tree,plant,flower,christmas decoration,Via Holiday Topiary - DIY, Yes ...
Another great use for old holiday lights.

30 Small Hanging Flower Containers

flower arranging,floristry,flower,centrepiece,mason jar,Via Family Craft Projects that Make ...
You could use them as singles or clump a few together.

31 Awesome Coat Hook

horn,hand,finger,material,Via Hooks
Filling a light bulb with concrete is ingenious.

32 Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons

hot air balloon,food,balloon,illustration,vehicle,Via Light Bulb Crafts - Think ...
Make a really cute mobile or hanging decoration for the nursery.

33 Light Bulb Pears

food,produce,thread,textile,Via Here in the Waiting Place: ...
Light bulbs wrapped in twice make pretty, rustic ornaments.

will you ever look at light bulbs in the same way again?

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