Gold Accents Thatll Add a Chic Touch to Your House ...

By Teresa

Gold Accents Thatll Add a Chic Touch to Your House ...

Gold accents in home decor are so in this season! Don't you just love the pop of drama they add to any room? If you love gold accents, you're sure to love this list! It will give you so many new ideas to add pops of gold to your home!

Table of contents:

  1. gold poufs
  2. gold office supplies
  3. shelf accents
  4. accent tables
  5. gold sequin wall
  6. dramatic end table
  7. gold brushed mirror
  8. patterned pillows
  9. gold hardware and fixtures
  10. white and gold office shelves
  11. confetti wall
  12. gray with gold fixtures
  13. gold feet on a desk
  14. pink and gold bench
  15. metallic mason jars
  16. white and gold vases on the mantle
  17. accent shower wall
  18. gold frame
  19. glam office
  20. gold coral lamp
  21. gold overhead kitchen lights
  22. bedside lamps
  23. diy stools
  24. gold desk lamp
  25. gold and copper fixtures
  26. metallic arrow pillow
  27. elephant in the room

1 Gold Poufs

Gold Poufs Source: 30 Fascinating Bedroom Ideas

2 Gold Office Supplies

Gold Office Supplies Source: Dress Up Your Desk CASA

3 Shelf Accents

Shelf Accents Source: Work Space Reveal - Homey

4 Accent Tables

Accent Tables Source: 101 Amazing Pieces You'd Never

5 Gold Sequin Wall

Gold Sequin Wall Source: 39 Easy DIY Ways To

6 Dramatic End Table

Dramatic End Table Source: The Broke Girl's Guide to

7 Gold Brushed Mirror

Gold Brushed Mirror Source: Go glam! 6 DIY projects

8 Patterned Pillows

Patterned Pillows Source: 12 Basic B*tch Decorating Trends

9 Gold Hardware and Fixtures

Gold Hardware and Fixtures Source: 10 Walk-In Shower Ideas That

10 White and Gold Office Shelves

White and Gold Office Shelves Source: Styling Your Shelves

11 Confetti Wall

Confetti Wall Source: DIY Confetti Wall -

12 Gray with Gold Fixtures

Gray with Gold Fixtures Source:

13 Gold Feet on a Desk

Gold Feet on a Desk Source: Social Hour

14 Pink and Gold Bench

Pink and Gold Bench Source: Interior: Beige and white simplicity

15 Metallic Mason Jars

Metallic Mason Jars Source:

16 White and Gold Vases on the Mantle

White and Gold Vases on the Mantle Source: Summer Mantels + More

17 Accent Shower Wall

Accent Shower Wall Source: What is the Hottest Decorating

18 Gold Frame

Gold Frame Source: Easy Ways to Decorate Your

19 Glam Office

Glam Office Source: How To Keep Your Desk

20 Gold Coral Lamp

Gold Coral Lamp Source: Beth Aschenbach's Palm Beach Home

21 Gold Overhead Kitchen Lights

Gold Overhead Kitchen Lights Source: HGTV's Favorite Trends to Try

22 Bedside Lamps

Bedside Lamps Source: White Bedroom with Gold Accents

23 DIY Stools

DIY Stools Source: Gold Dipped Bar Stools

24 Gold Desk Lamp

Gold Desk Lamp Source: 25 Creative Workspace Ideas

25 Gold and Copper Fixtures

Gold and Copper Fixtures Source: The Most Stylish IKEA Kitchens

26 Metallic Arrow Pillow

Metallic Arrow Pillow Source: Vintage Style with our Flea

27 Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room Source: Decor - A Southern Drawl

What is your favorite gold accent? Let me know in the comments!

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