Check out These House Exteriors That'll Give You Major Envy ...

By Teresa

Check out These House Exteriors That'll Give You Major Envy ...

I love looking at house exteriors. No matter what color or style they are, I love when a house just looks really warm and inviting, and that begins with the exterior of the house! If you're looking for some house exterior inspiration, look no further than this list!

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1 Country Farmhouse Victorian House

Country Farmhouse Victorian House Source: Country Farmhouse Victorian House Plan
This Victorian Farmhouse is absolutely stunning!

2 Craftsman House

Craftsman House Source: Eplans Craftsman House Plan
I'm so obsessed with the siding on this house, aren't you?

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3 Eastover Cottage

Eastover Cottage Source: Eastover Cottage Plan #1666
This porch is to die for!

4 Cozy Lodge

Cozy Lodge Source: Award-Winning Gable Roof Masterpiece
This lodge takes a whole new spin on a log cabin and turns it into a gorgeous brick lodge!

5 Mint Cottage

Mint Cottage Source: The Return to Small House
Everything about this place is cozy and beautiful!

6 Gray Tones

Gray Tones Source: Exterior Photos - Traditional
I love the gray tones on the exterior of this house.

7 Modern Victorian

Modern Victorian Source:
I love the modern take on this Victorian, specifically the gorgeous window details!

8 Mint Door

Mint Door Source: Home Sweet Home - Addison's
This mint door pulls the entire house together!

9 Neutral Accents

Neutral Accents Source: Classic Home - Home Bunch
This "greige" siding looks even better when paired with the stone. I'm more than obsessed!

10 Gray and Christmas

Gray and Christmas Source: Creative Ways to Decorate your
I usually don't think gray exteriors go well with Christmas decorations, but this completely changes my mind!

11 Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor Source: Interior Design Ideas - Home
First of all, how great is the porch? I also adore the flower boxes!

12 Unique Stone

Unique Stone Source: 450 Sq. Ft. Small Mountain
This unique take on an even more unique house is beyond stunning!

13 Distressed Bright Door

Distressed Bright Door Source: Popular colors to paint an
Some people shy away from bright colored doors, but this distressed option looks amazing!

14 Classic Americana

Classic Americana Source: Interior Paint Color and Color
Something about this house and the color choices just scream classic Americana to me!

15 Tiny House, Big Windows

Tiny House, Big Windows Source: Winonna Park - Thomas Construction
I don't care how big or small a house is if the windows are that grand!

16 Light Gray Classic

Light Gray Classic Source: Bungalow House Plan with 2672
I'm loving this light gray color, and the house exterior is simply classic.

17 Light Gray and Mint

Light Gray and Mint Source: Interior and Home Exterior Paint
This color combination is absolutely stunning!

18 Rustic and Rugged

Rustic and Rugged Source: House Pictures Home Pictures by
I love the rustic wood paired next to the rugged stone.

19 French Style House

French Style House Source: Home Tour: Pamela Pierce's Houston
I'm a sucker for a white house, and I especially love the big, unique windows!

20 Big Wood Beams

Big Wood Beams Source: Luxurious Lodge-Like Living
These grand wooden beams make a statement instantly!

21 Dark Stone

Dark Stone Source:
I love all of the stone that went into this exterior, and I love how the colors complement each other!

22 Beautiful Cabin

Beautiful Cabin Source: Inspiring Ideas for Small Houses
The greens and reds in this cabin make for an extremely unique but stunning touch for the exterior of a home!

23 Terraced House

Terraced House Source: Before & After: From poor
Isn't this the perfect home for city living?

24 Victorian Cabin

Victorian Cabin Source: How To Get Perfect Curb
This house is perfect for the couple who can't choose between Victorian or cabin style houses!

25 Warm Wood Door

Warm Wood Door Source: All About : Benjamin Moore
This dark, warm wood instantly invites people into your home!

26 Dramatic Windows

Dramatic Windows Source: Classic Georgian Home Design
These dramatic windows make the whole house!

What's your favorite house on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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Who knew a mint colored door could look so good?!?

Loved most, I especially didn't like the last home on the list. Majority are very lovely

Gorgeous little homes a dream come true

They all look more or less the same to me... But yes, they are amazing.

I like the Victorian cabin

I love American houses & these wooden houses just what I want But in our gulf area it is not allowed to build wooden houses although it's very cheap comparing to concrete cemented villas I will spend fortune for a house like this but for us safety especially regarding these windows here we are sealing with ironic bars so that no thieves enter

1 is beautiful

When you're European and they all look the same to you. Prefer our style though.

I love the two with the mint doors!!! 💗

This was great! I love stonework and Victorian homes I must admit hehe

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