7 Fun Things to do with Boxes ...


7 Fun Things to do with Boxes ...
7 Fun Things to do with Boxes ...

Boxes, boxes, I just love to find things to do with boxes! They are such fun! My kids love boxes, in fact, I think they would be happy to just have boxes for Christmas. Although there are innumerable things to do with boxes, here are a few of my favorites for you to read.

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Make a Bedroom Suite

Make a Bedroom Suite Suppose you don't have the money to decorate a spare bedroom really fancy. Guess what? You don't need a lot of money! Just a few boxes, seriously! Think of your guests' delight as they walk into this whimsical cardboard bedroom. Isn't it delightful?


Cardboard Lightbox

Cardboard Lightbox If you are into dabbleing a bit with photography, but don't have a lot of money to play with when it comes to equipment, you can make a lightbox reletively cheap. Use a box, some muslin (or tissue paper) a hot glue gun and some scissors, and you're ready to go! You can find all the directions in the sources at the end of this article.


Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder If you have any of the larger cereal boxes, you can make cheap magazine holders that are super cute. I've seen these decorated so many different ways! My favorites have been scrapbooking paper and even a plain muslin fabric. Why spend the money for the plastic ones? These work lovely! And you can customize the colors and design. How perfect!


Shelf Boxes

Shelf Boxes Aren't these adorable? If you have some fabric, cereal boxes and have a little basic sewing experience, you can make them for yourself! I love having the retro look that this lady used with hers, but the greatest thing with DIY stuff is that you can choose whatever you want. Do you like these? If you, you can find the complete instructions listed in the sources section at the end of this article. Have fun!


New Boxes

New Boxes If you have diaper boxes, or even fruit boxes, they are great for storage. Just cover them with fabric, contact paper, scraps of wallpaper or whatever you havehandy and you have great boxes to store stuff in quite nicely. They are great!


Paper Mache Letter

Paper Mache Letter I love this idea! Letters are such a popular way to accent your decor these days. The greatest thing about these letters is that they are lightweight, which makes them safe for hanging in a baby's room. But don't stop there! Living room wall decor, entryways, bedrooms, you name it. There are quite fun to make too. You should try your hand at one!



Notebook These little notebooks are so cute. Sure, you can simply pick up a notebood for a dollar but why just buy one when you can make one as cute as this? Kids love making them too!

Boxes are great for all kinds of reasons. These things to do with boxes are just a few, but if you have things that you have done with boxes that were interesting, we would love to hear about them!

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The room isn't a good idea at all... It's for humans not dolls haha

I feel crafty today ^^

I think the cardboard room might be fun for kids, it's light and portable and they can draw all over it.

@ Lindsey hahaha I agree. I also don't think the nightstand would be very sturdy! I like the wrapped ones for shelves.

@Angue I know! And I always have a bottle of water on my nightstand, the condensation would make it all soggy lol

The bedroom suite thing is super tacky.

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