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There is no shortage of creativity in the world using a plethora of materials, of which duct tape crafts are a large part. Duct tape can be used in a variety of ways. Who knows when the first duct tape craft came about? One thing is for certain with regards to this particular form of creative expression: as the trend grows ever more popular, makers of duct tape are producing an increasingly cute line of colorful and printed duct tapes. The variety of duct tape crafts is pretty lengthy. I share with you awesome duct tape creations to try today.

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Beads are the easiest of duct tape crafts you can create. They are also very versatile. Grab a roll or two and craft a few dozen of these cute oval shaped beauties. String them together in a necklace or other jewelry. You can use them to make key chains or other decorations, too. Duct tape beads top our list because they are quick, cute, and easy to make. Just don't squish them!


Rose Pen

We've seen many incarnations of the rose pen and they are all really, very cool! The techniques vary slightly with each new style. No matter which technique you use, it takes practice to get the rose just right.



This duct tape craft looks pretty easy. It is definitely incredibly practical. The duct tape wallet is a favorite in my house. It's lots of fun to create but a little time consuming to produce. Practice, practice, practice is the productivity mantra, isn't it? I certainly like it!


Braided Bracelet

You can make a braided bracelet with almost anything: string, parachute chord, yarn, and duct tape, of course! A duct tape braided bracelet is colorful and lasts a long while. Create a two-color twist, tri-color braid, or quad-color fishtail. The fishtail duct tape braid is pretty neat; it's almost as wide as a cuff.


IPod Case

iPod cases are available in lots of colors from many different vendors. You can personalize a store bought case with touches of duct tape or create your own duct tape iPod case from start to finish! Try it out. Make a case that is unique, personal, and entirely your own!


Makeup Bag

Makeup bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are also available in a wide spectrum of prices, ranging from very affordable to wildly expensive. If you are on a budget or just like to be creative, then why not make your own makeup bag?! With a couple rolls of duct tape and a little practice you can have a fun time making your own.


Pencil Pouch

The duct tape pencil pouch is my daughter's favorite! Like the makeup bag, coin purse, and wallet, the pencil pouch is practical and cute all at the same time. Be sure to reinforce the ends to avoid punctures from pens and pencils.


Flower RIng

The duct tape flower ring is cute! The small size can be a little misleading. It requires quite a few steps and patience. It seems the smaller the size, the more precision is needed.


Tote Bag

Tote bags are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and some are even available monogrammed. The structure looks simple and easy enough. This simple structure makes for an easy pattern to create your own tote bag using any material - including duct tape! While this is a larger product, the construction process is pretty quick! Try it.


Coin Pouch

While this duct tape craft does not use wires or zippers like the usual, regular coin purses, if crafted carefully it works just as well. You can make this pouch as small as you need it. As for closures, you can use things like parts of a Ziploc bag or small magnet to keep the side closed together.


Dress Form

The dress form is one of the most fun duct tape craft projects around! Get together with a friend or create one with your own daughter. Use any color or patterned duct tape to create your own dress form. When you're done hang it on a wall as art, or find another creative way to display your creation.

Who knew there were so many duct tape craft possibilities?! Well, we knew they were out there but listing them shows us that this is just a small sampling of the many possibilities out there. Do you make crafts using duct tape? Please, share.

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