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9 Pretty DIY Paper Flowers ...

By Meream

Drowning in wrapping paper? To give you recycling inspiration, we have here a list of pretty DIY Paper Flowers. Now these DIY paper flowers may not exactly call for the use of wrapping paper but that's not an inflexible rule. For some of these DIY paper flowers, you can even use the boxes in which your gifts were placed. Happy paper crafting!

1 Dogwood

DogwoodThis is an easy DIY paper flower idea courtesy of Martha Stewart. To make these pretty flowers, you will need only card stock and scissors. Basically, you fold the card stock into squares and then fold again to make diagonal creases. You then cut your flower, mark the center, and then glue the finished paper item to branches.


2 Rolled

RolledHow pretty! This is one DIY paper flower project in which you can use your used wrapping paper. The prints sure add visual appeal to these already-gorgeous paper goodies. To make these, you simply cut paper circles, draw and cut spirally, wrap around a skewer to form the flower, and then glue to keep the "petals" from falling apart.



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3 Scored Petals

Scored PetalsDoesn't this look gorgeous? Not only is this a pretty paper flower, it also happens to be very easy to assemble. Patricia of A Little Hut gives us a great tutorial on how to make this lovely botanical goodness. Check out the link below.


4 Cone Bouquets

Cone BouquetsThese are darling! Some of you may have some ice cream cones left from the holiday party. Take them out and use them to make these sweet DIY paper flowers. For this particular tutorial, you can use wrapping paper to "wrap" the cones. Other materials that you will need are Xacto knife, glue gun, scissors, skewers, miniature garden pots, and colored paper.


5 Magnolias

MagnoliasThese are delicate and utterly gorgeous. To make these, you will need white tissue paper, green wire, floral tape, and watercolor. You will use the latter to paint the tissue paper so that your paper magnolias will look like the real thing.


6 Painted Book Pages

Painted Book PagesHere we have a DIY paper flower project that you can accomplish with the help of used wrapping paper. Substitute the book pages with the wrapping paper and you've got yourself a lovely recycling craft project. In fact, I think you can also skip the painting steps here.


7 Protea

ProteaThis is a work of art; a paper sculpture. It looks very complicated but it's actually a simple cutting and gluing project. The link below has templates for the parts of the paper flower. Download them and assemble your flowers using card stock or paper in pretty colors.


8 Giant

GiantIt may not be clear from the photo but this is a giant flower. The white petals used here are poster board sheets. The longest petal is roughly the same in length as one sheet of poster board. The finished paper flowers are bigger than a person's head.


9 Crepe

CrepeThese crepe paper flowers are all sorts of gorgeous, too. The best part: they are very easy to make. In fact, making these is so simple and fun, it can be rather addictive.


Aren't these DIY paper flowers the cutest? Hope you find plenty of inspiration from these DIY paper flowers!

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