7 DIY College Backpack Projects That You'll Love ...

One way to stand out is to carry a DIY college backpack. DIYs are really fun to do. They are a great way to show off your personality and style without spending too much on trendy items. Plus, people will ask “Where did you get that?” And you’ll get to shrug it off and say, “Oh. It’s just something that I made the other day.” Look through these DIY college backpack pack tips and pick the one (or few) that best suits you.


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Make your DIY college backpack a real eye-catcher will a little or a lot of bling bling. Bedazzling has officially been around for at least a decade. But unofficially, I think it’s been around for centuries. You could really take bedazzling in any direction. All you need for this project is super glue/ tacky glue and bedazzles (fake jewels). Simply dab a small dot of glue in the middle of your gem. Then place the gem immediately in its spot.

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