7 Fun and Creative Paper Bag Crafts for Kids ...


7 Fun and Creative Paper Bag Crafts for Kids ...
7 Fun and Creative Paper Bag Crafts for Kids ...

When your kids are home on holiday vacations or just bored on the weekends, paper bag crafts are something simple and inexpensive they can enjoy. From making puppets to something much more creative like a paper bag garland, your kids will have fun for hours. They can use paint, scissors, glue, and glitter to make their paper bag crafts stand out among the rest. Continue reading for paper bag craft ideas you may not have seen before…

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Paper Bag Flowers

Paper Bag Flowers Who would have thought that your kids would be making flowers as one of their paper bag crafts? I must admit, I have never seen this idea before finding it for my list, but I adore these paper bag flowers, not just for your kids, but for rustic centerpieces, and wedding boutonnieres as well! Blogger Angelina over at jojoandeloise.com has a great tutorial with five different ways to cut your flowers. So adorable!


Paper Bag Flowers are a great craft for kids, but they can also be used in a variety of other ways. They make great centerpieces for rustic weddings and can also be used as boutonnieres. Blogger Angelina at jojoandeloise.com has a great tutorial with five different ways to cut the flowers. Paper Bag Flowers are easy to make and require just a few supplies - paper bags, scissors, and a glue gun. This craft is a great way to get creative with kids and make something beautiful at the same time.


Paper Bag Wreath

Paper Bag Wreath These ideas just keep getting more creative! Making a wreath out of a paper bag is such a wonderful idea, and you can take it from season to season just by changing or adding a few things. There are many ways you can cut your paper bag to shape your wreath, but I really love this one from pbs.org that shows you how to cut shapes of leaves from your bag.


Paper Bag Easter Basket

Paper Bag Easter Basket Seriously, just so adorable! There are a few simple ways to turn a paper bag into an Easter basket and even a few bunny rabbit printables to attach to your basket. However, my favorite is this one from elli.com that shows you how to weave the paper bag for a true Easter Basket your kids can enjoy each year. It’s a more complicated design for younger kids, but with your help they can master anything!


Paper Bag Bird's Nest

Paper Bag Bird's Nest Whether you have a rustic decor theme in your home or need a few more ideas for Easter, this sweet little bird's nest is one your kids will love crafting. Like the basket, there are a few ideas out there on how to create your paper bag bird's nest. However, if you want it to look more lifelike, the best way to do it is by cutting the bag into shreds or tiny little strips like blogger alphamom.com shows on her tutorial. If my girls were younger, I bet they would love to put this together!


Paper Bag Garland

Paper Bag Garland You can cut your paper bag into shapes for different holidays or seasons: hearts for Valentine’s Day, snowflakes for the winter, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, and bunny rabbits for Easter. Or you can create something pretty simple yet oh so cute like this washi paper bag banner from sarahhearts.com, and keep it hanging up all year long! I think this is one of my favorite paper bag crafts, and a must do!


Paper Bag Wrapping

Paper Bag Wrapping Your kids can get really creative when wrapping a gift for someone’s birthday. Why wrap the gift with store bought wrapping paper when they can turn a paper bag into a masterpiece? They can use stamps, ribbon, stickers, glitter, and anything they can think of to turn their paper bag wrapping paper into something they customized themselves. The gift becomes more personal when your kids put their own hearts into wrapping it!


Paper Bag Scrapbook

Paper Bag Scrapbook This is another idea that I really love, and one I have actually made myself! My friend is really great at scrapbooking crafts and showed me how to DIY my own using a paper bag. It’s really simple and something you can do with the kids. You can find many tutorials online, including one at parents.com.

I can’t wait to get started on a few of these amazing paper bag crafts. Which one is your favorite?

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