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OK, so you’re probably thinking, “Popsicle stick crafts, is she serious?” I sure am, because these aren’t your mama’s popsicle stick crafts! These are creative blogger popsicle stick crafts that will surprise you and inspire your next craft activity. So, let your imagination run wild and crafty with these fun ideas that will become great gifts for your little one’s teachers, siblings, friends and grandparents!

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Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet I bet you would have never thought a bracelet could be on my list of popsicle stick crafts! So how does one make a wooden bracelet from a stick? The trick is to soak the popsicle stick in water long enough that it becomes bendable, then you put it in something that will help the bracelet form until it molds into the shape you're looking for. Check out the rest of this great tutorial over at mamamiss.com.


Picture Frames

Picture Frames You may have seen this idea before, but I can’t believe I never thought of making picture frames with popsicle sticks! These would be a great idea for grandparent gifts, especially on Mother’s Day to give your mom something your child made by hand. You could also use them to display pictures with the Easter Bunny or Santa! Don’t forget to decorate them with colorful paint and stickers.


In addition to being a fun and easy craft for kids, making picture frames with popsicle sticks also has educational benefits. It can help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they carefully place the sticks together. This activity also encourages creativity and imagination as children choose how to decorate their frames. Popsicle stick picture frames are also a budget-friendly option for parents, as the materials are inexpensive and easy to find. They can be used for a variety of occasions, making them a versatile and practical craft for kids.


Popsicle Stick Chandelier

Popsicle Stick Chandelier NO WAY! This is pretty incredible and one your kids will love to help put together with mom or dad. By the way, this DIY was put together by our very own Meream, who has an amazing blog called Bored & Crafty. One way you can dress up your chandelier would be to paint your sticks with glitter, which would be perfect if you’re using it to decorate for a party. Now I really want to go shopping at the craft store to buy a box of popsicle sticks!


Popsicle sticks are a great material for kids to use in their crafting projects. Not only are they inexpensive and easy to find, but they are also incredibly versatile. From jewelry to furniture, there are countless ways to use popsicle sticks in your next DIY project.

One of the most popular popsicle stick crafts for kids is a popsicle stick chandelier. This craft is perfect for sprucing up any room in your house, and it’s simple enough for even the youngest crafters to make. All you need is some popsicle sticks, a hot glue gun, and a few other materials such as ribbon and paint.

To make a popsicle stick chandelier, you’ll first need to cut the sticks to the desired length. Then, arrange them in a circle and use hot glue to secure them together. Once the frame is complete, you can add decorations such as ribbon, paint, and glitter. Finally, attach a string of lights to the center of the chandelier and hang it up.


Table Runner

Table Runner These ideas just keep getting better, and now with a fantastic table runner made from their popsicle sticks, your kids will always want to sit down to eat their veggies! Check out a gorgeous paint splattered version over at athomeinlove.com. She made hers for a baby shower she was hosting, which was perfect for her “About to Pop” theme because of all the pops of color!


Little Airplanes

Little Airplanes Your kids will really love this one, especially if they love the new Disney movie, “Planes.” When I first saw this popsicle craft on my friend Kim’s blog, anightowlblog.com, I was thinking, “I wish I had a little one to make this with!” Aren’t they adorable?! All you need is a clothespin, a popsicle stick, and a little bit of paint so they can decorate their planes. You will also need to use a hot glue gun; older children and adults only for that part of the project. Would your kids have fun with this popsicle stick craft idea?


Mini Pallet Art

Mini Pallet Art Like I said before, these are not your mama’s popsicle stick crafts...no more half glued jewelry boxes for Mother’s Day! How about making mom a mini pallet art canvas this year? I knew I could find pretty cool ideas, but I’m just as surprised as you are at how amazing these crafts are, one after another! I love pallet art, but where can you find pallets? It can get pretty expensive to buy them on Etsy or at the hardware store, so why not make mini pallet art by using popsicle sticks?! Check out the tutorial over at u-createcrafts.com, I’m pretty sure this is what everyone is going to get for Christmas next year in my house!


Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzle

Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzle Yet another creative idea, I love it! Again, your younger children will need a parent’s help, but older kids will really love putting this popsicle stick craft together. This is another gift that would be great for grandparents, especially if they babysit for you and can help your little ones put the puzzle back together again! What photos would you use to put together a handmade popsicle stick puzzle?

I love all of these ideas and can’t wait to get started with my girls on many of these popsicle stick crafts. I’m pretty sure they would love to try the bracelet craft and the mini pallet art. How about your kids?

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This is cool! Great for kids... And also... me. When I was little I used to make a scarecrow like doll out of Popsicle sticks

What about a glitter ball or a rubber ball

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