9 Ace Projects to Use up Scraps of Wool ...


Are you looking for some projects to use up scraps of wool? Any keen knitter or crochet fan will soon accumulate a basket or box of odds and ends of yarn. Traditionally these were used to make blankets, but if you're looking for something different there are instructions all over the internet for suitable projects. Try these ideas to use up scraps of wool …

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Juggling Cats

Juggling Cats These cute little cats are a great way to use up scraps of wool. Even the tiniest lengths can be used to make the whiskers. You can make the cats in all kinds of color combinations. If your cat loves to bat toys around, make a friend for him or her.



Flower I've made these flowers to use up my own scraps of wool. With some lovely glittery yarn that I had left over, I made flower brooches. I only wanted a single flower, but there are also tutorials for double flowers. They would also look good as an embellishment on a bag or sweater.



Butterfly Do you want to make something colorful with your leftover yarn? These bright butterflies give you the chance to be creative with your color scheme. They'd look fun hanging in a window, or you could fasten them to a stick and place in a flower pot.



Slippers Do your feet get chilly in winter? Warm them up with super cosy slippers. Find a pattern lends itself to an infinite combination of colors and the perfect opportunity to use up lots of tiny scraps. You could make them matching (or as near as possible), or have a delightfully mismatched pair.


Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets Finger puppets never stop being fun! Make some for your youngsters to play with - they could put on a puppet show for you. They're incredibly easy to make; all you need is garter and stocking stitch.



Bookmark Bookmarks are always useful, and this pretty version will make an ideal gift. If you've never tackled anything more complicated than garter or stocking stitches, find a pattern that isn't as complicated as it looks. Just use a row counter to keep track of which row you're on in the pattern.



Angel Wouldn't these look great on a Christmas tree? It's a bit late to make them for this year, but you could get started early for next year's decoration. These angels will look best in pale colors, but you could make them in brighter colors if you prefer.



Bunting If you've mastered the art of decreasing (which is not at all difficult), then have a go at this bunting project. It will take a while to knit up enough pieces to stitch together, but is a great project for larger scraps of yarn. There are no instructions for making the strip to bind the flags together, but all you need to do is cast on a few stitches and knit a very long strip.


Pom Poms

Pom Poms Finally, why not make some pom poms? They can be used for all kinds of projects. We used to make animals from them, but you could also add them to hats and scarves. You can use one color or mix them in the same pom pom.

These fun little projects will help you find a use for some of those odds and ends of yarn that you've had lying around for ages. Kids will enjoy making pom poms, although you may have to help them with the scissors. What's your favorite craft, and do you have a room full of craft items?

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