7 DIY Steps to Creating a Care Package for Someone You Know ...


7 DIY Steps to Creating a Care Package for Someone You Know ...
7 DIY Steps to Creating a Care Package for Someone You Know ...

If you know someone sick, overseas, or just in need of a friendly gift, try following these steps to creating a care package for them. I love sending people care packages because they’re thoughtful, simple to make, and don’t have to be expensive, unless you want them to be. To find out just how simple it is to send one of these beloved gifts of love, try my easy steps to creating a care package for someone special you know. Not only will you have fun doing it, but the recipient will feel incredibly special too!

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Have a Budget

First, one of the must-have steps to creating a care package is to determine your budget. How much can you spend? Whatever your budget, there are great things you can include in it. Just start with figuring out how much you can spend, so you don’t overdo it at the store, or spend too much on one item. If money’s no limit, then lucky you, and lucky for the recipient!


Pick a Main Gift

You want to include a few things in your care package, but you also need a main gift, that will help you get started on a “theme”. For instance, if the person is sick, start with a bowl, and perhaps some canned soup. Or, if a person is overseas and you want to send something like some favorite reminders of home, start with a picture, or their favorite baked good. Developing a theme through the main item will help you get going with the rest of the package, and be the star ingredient to your package when they open it up.


Include a Few Treats

Always include a few little treats in your package, such as their favorite candy, gum, or even their favorite lipgloss for ladies or Chapstick for men. These little treats are always the best, and they’re lightweight so they won’t be heavy to ship. I also like adding magazines a person might like as a readable treat, which most people enjoy. It adds color and bulk to your package, while not taking up much weight or space, since you can roll it up if you have to.


Pick Lightweight Objects

If you can, always pick lightweight objects. They’re easier to ship, will cost less to ship, and are less prone to break or become damaged in shipment.


Add a Card

After you’ve got a great care package with a main gift, and a few treats, always include a card or a note. This is your personal touch to say what you want to say, whether it be something funny, sentimental, or just write about what you sent and why.


Check Your Box

Always make sure everything fits nicely in your box, and that you’ve got everything packaged well and safe. Be sure it’s also taped up appropriately too so nothing falls out and the postage center doesn’t charge you for extra tape. Next, be sure to wrap everything in tissue paper. It protects your items, and looks pretty when people open them up. You can also use newspaper if you're not worried about eye appeal. I personally like to use colored tissue paper and tie items up with ribbon to add a little whimsical touch, and it isn’t expensive.


Be Postal Smart

Lastly, before you send your item away to the lucky recipient, be sure that you know what postage will cost before you ship it. You’d be surpised how much certain things can cost. Priority mail also always costs more than standard mail,and you have to have an official priority mail box if you ship through the USPS center. If you ship through UPS or Fed Ex, you'll have more options, but it might cost more. Shipping by air is also much more expensive, but faster. To see which shipment method is best for you, always be sure you’re prepared and check the costs of each source either online, or in person at whatever postal source you’re using.

I’ve always loved creating care packages to show someone I care. If you don’t want to mail the care package, delivering it in person if that’s possible is a great way to add even more of a special touch. Do you create care packages for others? What’s your favorite tip?

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