7 Extremely Simple DIY Lampshade Ideas to Try Today ...

In this little article, I want to share with you creative ladies a few very simple DIY lampshade ideas that I found online while searching for new ways to brighten my home. I recently moved into a new apartment, so I’m still redecorating. Ever since I started this project, I found out that you can really personalize your space by adding a few little touches here and there and by changing some of the little things around your house. Among these little things are, of course, the lamps, which are actually a great opportunity to “add a little bit of flair to your room.” Here are 7 extremely simple DIY lampshade ideas to try today:

1. Silhouette Reading Lamp

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Oh, what a creative project! This is definitely one of the simplest DIY lampshade ideas everyone can try without failing because you just can’t get it wrong. In this case, the talented person who had this brilliant idea used the phrase “Once upon a time” (which I believe is the perfect choice), but you can use whatever saying you like, your favorite quote or an important date. She cut that phrase out of black scrapbook paper, simply used a little spray adhesive on the front of the letters and then she just pressed it onto the inside of the lampshade. And, voilá!

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