8 Lovely DIY Kindle Cases That Will Keep Your E-Reader Safe ...


8 Lovely DIY Kindle Cases That Will Keep Your E-Reader Safe ...
8 Lovely DIY Kindle Cases That Will Keep Your E-Reader Safe ...

If you're a crafty bookworm, you will probably enjoy making a DIY Kindle case. Not only are they great for keeping your e-reader protected from bumps, these craft projects are also wonderfully varied as far as style and construction go. Whether you like to sew or you're interested in a DIY Kindle case made of unique materials, you will find the perfect project here.

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Leather Scraps

Leather Scraps Isn't this a beautiful DIY Kindle case? This was made using scraps of leather (from a thrifted jacket!) and printed fabric. The sides are finished French seam style and give the whole case a lovely utilitarian look. If you work with leather, you will most likely not have to worry about adding foam lining to your case. The material is sturdy enough.

Tutorial Source: deliacreates.com


Birdie Prints

Birdie Prints How cute! You can sew this handmade e-reader case without the bird but I don't recommend it. This whimsical touch is what makes this fabric Kindle case truly adorable. For this project, it is essential that you include elastic ties. They will help keep your Kindle inside the case. Using elastic ties for the hair will do.

Tutorial Source: mommybydaycrafterbynight.com

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can! With some basic crafting materials and a little bit of time, you can create a personalized DIY case to protect your Kindle.

Common materials include fabric, glue, cardboard, scissors, felt, and sometimes velcro or buttons for closure. Exact materials can vary depending on the design you choose.

Not at all! Many DIY Kindle sleeves can be made with simple sewing or even no-sew methods. There are designs suitable for beginners to advanced crafters.

The time can vary, but many simple DIY Kindle case projects can be done in an afternoon. More complex designs might take longer to complete.

Absolutely! That's the beauty of DIY. You can choose the colors, patterns, and materials to create a Kindle cover that perfectly matches your personal style.


Book, No-Sew

Book, No-Sew Turning a book into a Kindle case is not a novel idea. It's quite clever, though, and you will want to try it if you're looking for a no-sew e-reader protective case. If you want to try this project, you will be needing a hardcover book, Mod Podge, and an X-Acto knife. You will need the latter to cut out a Kindle shaped hole in the pages of your book.

Tutorial Source: rimarama.com


For this crafty project, the book you choose can be a discarded favorite or a thrift store find; the more interesting the cover, the more unique your case will be. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to adhere the book's pages together, creating a solid block into which the Kindle hollow will be carved. Carefully measure and mark the outline of your device on the book's pages before using the X-Acto knife to cut out the shape. Once completed, your Kindle will fit snugly inside, disguised as a classic tome. The final touch? A ribbon as a bookmark can also keep your case closed!


Easy Felt-Lined Sleeve

Easy Felt-Lined Sleeve The lining used for this sewn e-reader case is felt. If you have some scraps lying around, you can use them to make this easy case. In ten steps, you will be able to sew a lovely protective cover for your beloved tablet. Any type of medium weight fabric will work for the exterior pieces. You can even upcycle an old piece of clothing for this project.

Tutorial Source: craftingagreenworld.com



Leather This is a great Kindle case idea for those who don't like frilly things. To make this, you will cut leather pieces, using your Kindle as a guide. Do not forget allowances and a flap on one of the leather pieces. With the suede sides together, sew your leather pieces using yarn. And that's basically it.

Tutorial Source: momtastic.com


Wood and Place Mat

Wood and Place Mat There are several independent sellers who make lovely wooden cases for Kindles and other e-readers. You can support them or you can try your hand at this DIY project. As you can see, you will need only plywood pieces, wooden strips, and a bamboo place mat (the blue section along the spine) to make your own wooden case.

Tutorial Source: instructables.com


Case and Stand

Case and Stand E-reader cases that also double as stands are popular. To make your own, you will be needing the help of cardboard. Several pieces will make the front, back, and flap of your Kindle case sturdy and perfect for upright reading.

Tutorial Source: wrappedupinrainbows.blogspot.co.uk


Corner Tabs

Corner Tabs For this particular e-reader case project, you will turn to your trusty sewing machine for assistance. As for materials, you will need fabric (choose something with fun prints), batting, interfacing, and elastic. The batting is important because it will give your Kindle better protection. You shouldn't skip it; I double foam every Kindle case I make.

Tutorial Source: whipstitchfabrics.com

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