7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Water Bottles ...


7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Water Bottles ...
7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Water Bottles ...

Looking for some things to do with empty water bottles? Recycling is always the best thing to do, but if you have a few empty water bottles floating around that you hate to just toss, here are some nifty ideas you can try out on a rainy day! Many of these ideas are perfect for crafting with kids or even making party favors or small gifts. Keep reading if you want to learn some things to do with empty water bottles!

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Bird Feeder

One of the neat things to do with empty water bottles is make a little bird feeder! You can sit it outside your window to attract birds. Take an empty water bottle, and poke a few holes into it. Insert two wooden spoons into the holes, and then fill the bottle with birdseed. Make sure the holes are big enough that birdseed can slowly spill out onto the spoon, making easy access for the birds to snack on it!


Desk Organization

Do you have difficulties keeping your desk organized? Well, no need to pay for expensive plastic containers anymore! You can cut a water bottle in half at any length you desire, and make separate storage cups for pencils, pens, scissors, and other office supplies that clutter your desk! Cover the bottles with pretty contact paper so they look attractive. Don’t forget about soda bottles for bigger sizes!


Pretty Vases

Here’s a cute idea for a small gift or party favor. Cover an empty water bottle in yarn, felt, or even paint, and embellish it with rhinestones or some other novelty of your choice. These little vases make cute additions to windows, offices, and even bathroom shelves!


Homemade Funnel

When you’re in a pinch and need a funnel that you can just toss after you’re done, consider using a water bottle! Cut the top off at any length you desire, and flip it upside down. I’ve used this tip to do anything from changing the oil in my car to transferring granola into a storage jar!


Candy Dish

For moms and grandmas who want to keep candy accessible to little hands without worrying about breaking a pretty candy dish, try this method! Cut off the bottom of a water or soda bottle, and wash it out. Once it’s dry, you can tie or glue some pretty ribbon around the top for embellishment. These little dishes can be filled with candy and kept in easy-to-reach spots for your little ones!


Science Project

On a warm summer day, what could be more fun than a cool science project? Grab a couple of kids, a two-liter of soda, and a roll of mint Mentos. Head outside, drop the Mentos into the soda, then step back and see what happens!


Re-fill Them

Here’s a handy way to save money and not worry about keeping track of your kitchen glasses. Refill used water bottles with beverages of your choice and stash them in the fridge. Then, when you need to grab breakfast on the run, you have a bottle of OJ ready to go. This tip is also great for families with kids who like to play outside during the summer!

With these top-notch ideas, you could whip out a unique craft that can be put to good use with something you would have otherwise tossed in the trash or recycled! I love finding nifty uses for things I have lying around that I no longer need. What are some of the things you would make with empty water bottles?

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I just read where reusing water bottles for drinking is where the dangers from BPA really become a problem...as the plastic wears with each use, they leach more toxic BPA into your drink...best to use them only once and/or invest in BPA reusable bottles...


It's be cautioned to not reuse water bottles or to keep the water bottles in the trunk of your car.

I definitely would caution against reusing plastic bottles for drinking-they leach BPA, especially when exposed to high temperatures. I used to do the same thing until I took a science class in college several years ago and learned how dangerous BPA is. It's pretty scary stuff-Some plastic bottles even say right on the label "do not reuse"! Even if you're not worried about the BPA, do it for your wallet or the environment!! I bought a BPA free water bottle called a Bobble at Target that has a built in filter so you can just fill up with tap water and go! At under 10 bucks, it has already paid for itself several times over! :)

Water bottles are also great for making musical instruments with the kids.

These are great ideas!

Great ideas!

Great for making naders & bongs too

You can also separate egg yolks from the egg white with empty water bottle I've never tried it but it seems pretty clever !

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