11 Delightfully Beautiful DIY Summer Wreaths ...


11 Delightfully Beautiful DIY Summer Wreaths ...
11 Delightfully Beautiful DIY Summer Wreaths ...

Let's dress up your house this summer with one of these lovely DIY summer wreaths. Put one on your front door or above your mantel. Decorate any wall of your house with one of these handmade DIY summer wreaths to invite unforgettable and endless summer days into your life. Enjoy!

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Beach Rocks

Beach Rocks How pretty is this handmade DIY summer wreath? It's quite easy to make, too. You simply wrap a form with twine and then glue rocks and glass. You can also add other things you've found while beach-combing.


Framed Medallions

Your summer wreath doesn't have to be of the standard form. A rectangular one will also look great. And would be easy to do, too, because you can use an old photo frame. Paint in any color you like, add ribbon medallions, and you're set. Don't forget to make the cute bunting sign, too.



Lemon-y Hmmm, I bet this wreath smells nice. If you happen to have an excess of lemons this summer, using some to make a wreath will be a great idea. The lemons used here were hot-glued to the wreath form but you can also use toothpicks or skewers if gluing doesn't work.



Does this not remind you of picnics? You can use any type of fabric to cover this form but I think going for a red and white checkered look is the most ideal.


Glass Floats

Glass Floats This is one beautiful summer wreath. This would look quite lovely by a beach cottage door but you can also make one for your city apartment. You simply cover a wreath form with rope and then embellish with glass floats, shells, and starfishes.


Felt Dahlia

Felt Dahlia Those are pretty felt flowers. And so easy to make, too. First, you cut the individual petals and then glue each petal's bottom half together. You then arrange them on a circular felt and embellish the center with a fringed felt section in blue and yellow. Glue your dahlias to a yarn-covered wreath form, hang, and enjoy.



Starfish Here is another handmade summer wreath with a nautical twist. To make one, you cover a wreath form with rope and then adorn the bottom section with dried starfish. Easy and fun!


Paper Parasols

Paper Parasols Summer means cold drinks by the pool. And if you want to remind whoever visits your home of this “rule,” making this paper parasol wreath is a great idea. To make this, you will need a grapevine wreath. Simply poke the umbrellas into the grapevine and you're done.



Bicycle What an adorable summer wreath! You can get this cute bicycle from JoAnn's but I think any miniature bicycle will do. You glue the cute bike to a fabric-covered wreath form, display, and enjoy.


Flip Flops

Flip Flops What's a list of summer home décor without one that involves the use of flip flops? For this particular wreath project, you will be covering a pool noodle wreath base with fabric and embellishing it with fabric flowers and of course, flip flops. The more colorful, the better.


Dollar Store Aloha

Dollar Store Aloha The items used to make this wreath were found at the dollar store. The main stars, in my opinion, are the floral felt coasters. In fact, even if you use only these coasters to make your summer wreath, you'd still end up with one beautiful door décor.

How fun are these handmade wreath ideas? I especially love the beach-themed ones. How about you? Which of these DIY summer wreaths did you like?

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I LOVE the bicycle one. It's adorable

Love the bike and flip flop cute ideas!

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