23 Adorable Things to Make for Your Crush This Valentines Day ...

By Jennifer

23 Adorable  Things to Make  for Your Crush This Valentines Day  ...

If you're looking for a sweet way to connect with your crush this Valentine's Day, why not try create a crafty DIY together? You can do something romantic or something kiddie-cute, and I've got loads of ideas that cover the entire range of Valentine's Day love. Here are a few of my faves.

1 Metallic Paper Camellias

2 Valentine Pop-up Card

3 Pallet Wood Letter

4 Glitter Love Banners in Gold and Ombre

5 heart photo display pinterest.com

This would be perfect for the Instagram selfies you've posted with your crush!

6 Heart Message

Such a cute idea!

7 Mini Paper Rose Framed Artwork

8 LOVE Art

9 Framed Button Heart

Simple enough for kids, but still fun and cute enough for you and your crush to make together.

10 Easy DIY Star Burst Wall Art

11 Fabric Heart Valentines

12 Heart Cards Garland

Play a few rounds of Go Fish, then make the garland.

13 Puffy Hearts

14 Valentine's Candy Huggers

Sure, these are meant for kids, but they're so cute, why not make the entire menagerie for you and your sweetie?

15 Wire Bracelet

16 Washi Tape Heart Box

It's even better if you make the truffles to put in the box, too.

17 Cork Heart Art

18 Mini Valentine's Day Bears from Felt

Oh, these are so cute!

19 Paper Rose Bouquet

Make these in red and pink. Swoon!

20 Ombre Heart Pinata

21 Love Banner

22 Cupcake Wrapper Peonies

23 Paper Succulent Heart Wall Art

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