10 Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Other Half ...


10 Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Other Half ...
10 Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Other Half ...

All of a sudden, Valentine’s Day seems to be right around the corner. Barely recovering from Christmas, the pressure is on, and if it’s not, it will be soon. But before you start sobbing into your credit card bill from the holidays, remember that Valentine’s Day is not about how much money you spend on somebody, it’s about the thought that went into a gift that was almost tailor-made just for them.

And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, a handmade and sentimental item far outweighs the value of a seriously expensive gift. Perhaps what people have forgotten about is that love shouldn’t cost a thing, and showing your love doesn’t need to break the bank either. If you are stuck for ideas on what to make for your dearly beloved this Valentine’s Day, you are in luck, here are 10 great ideas for handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts.

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A Book of Vouchers

Depending on how much time you have, a book of vouchers can be made entirely from scratch or you can pimp and personalize a plain store bought one to make it your own. Include vouchers for things they love, a foot rub, a massage, a car wash, a day spent alone together, a voucher for organizing your office (not very romantic, but hugely appreciated), a romantic dinner or coffee in bed every day for a month. Of course you can add in the sexy things, but that is up to you. Tip: If you run out of pages, add in a page of things I love about you, or things you didn’t know about me or that kind of thing.



Guys are easy to please, and to be honest they are not into the hysteria or expensive presents. They are quite happy for a quiet afternoon, a chilled beer and their babe. So when it comes to homemade Valentine’s Day stuff for guys – bake something and they will love you forever. Put it together in a hamper with your/his favorite chocolate chip cookies, a few beers and a voucher for a boy’s night. What a winner.



In our digital age, we take way more photographs than the previous generation ever did, however, we download them onto our computers and that is where they stay. There are so many great online programs that you can use to build a collage of you and your loved one. Put together a huge story picture, collage, or picture album, print them and put them into personalized frames or if you can blow a few bucks mount them for the wall. You can personalize the frames with craft paper, decoupage and paint and you will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Modge Podge Moustache Mugs

Since the birth of Movember, the month of November where guys grow their moustaches to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer, the ol’ Mo-stache is experiencing a very retro boom in popularity. Buy some modge podge from your local craft shop – (its like varnish and glue mixed together and the ultimate crafters tool, you will end up using it for everything.) Download a moustache template that you like and cut it out in black card, buy a plain white mug. Position it on the mug either underneath or on the side. Apply 3 coats of modge podge and let it dry overnight. Bam, the trendiest present ever. Fill it with chocolates or homemade cookies.


Peanut Clusters

Whether you are a guy or a gal, these are going to do down a treat, won’t break the bank and the only skill you will need is to know how to turn on the stove. Melt some chocolate on the stove – don’t use the microwave as you can burn the chocolate quite quickly. Pour in some peanuts, mix it together, spoon onto a baking tray or into moulds or into a muffin pan. Pop it in the fridge overnight – or for 20 minutes, if you know, like need to test them first. Pack them into cool bags or pretty ones with a bow and sit down on the couch with a spoon and lick the bowl.



This is also easy and is a thoughtful present that will carry on growing until the next Valentine’s Day. Get creative and look for a nice small to medium or even large pot. Use marmite jars, modge podge a heart onto a Nutella jar, use an old teapot – use your imagination. Fill it with some potting soil and plant a succulent or hardy flowering plant into the pot that doesn’t need much water. Give it a sprinkle of water just enough so the soil isn’t dry and wrap a ribbon around with a card that says :’’Take me home and love me’’. If you know what their favorite flower or plant is, that will always score extra points.


Heart Bunting

This is one of the most simple and really one of the most touching gifts to ever receive – man or woman. Cut out a whole lot of hearts from paper, use any paper, make them any size, and mix it up a little. Punch a hole in the hearts at the top. Write down things you love about the other person on each heart and string them up in the bedroom, the kitchen, the workshop – anywhere you want where it will greet them when they get home. You will have to have a heart of stone for this one not to get you.



Hand make all of his or her favorite treats, make little sandwiches, pack the champagne, roll up the picnic basket (and the bug spray – it can be a serious mood killer if you suddenly become surrounded by mozzies) and head out to the beach or the mountain for a fabulous sunset picnic – just the two of you. Busy lives, kids and responsibilities mean that couples don’t spend enough alone time anymore, a picnic on the beach may be exactly what you need and more.


Big Night in Box

Put together a package for a big night in, for a romantic night away or one at home. Pack in some sexy lingerie, a bottle of champagne, whipped cream, candles, fragrant bubble bath, sensual massage oil, a CD of some romantic music – let your imagination run wild. Whip out the strawberries, crack open the champers and let your night of love begin.


For the Tea Lover

Buy a pack of their favorite tea bags and some red or pink card, some thin string and grab some staples and a pen. Cut hearts out of the pink or red card and attach each one with a string to the tea bags. Write a short note on the hearts – I love you, have a good day, thinking of you – whatever you want, and pack them back in the box. That way your loved one will have a fantastic and loved filled start to their day every day with their morning cup of tea – they won’t want the box to finish.

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