9 Popular Pinterest Tips That Were Total Fails ...

Have you ever wondered if all the super popular Pinterest tips really work? Some of them sound way too good to be true, so I had to do some research into whether these popular Pinterest tips and tutorials were really legit. You know, those household tips that seem way too easy or so far out there that they seem highly suspect? It’s very possible that a certain Pinterest tip just didn’t work out for certain people. I know many people have had success with the brownies/cake in a mug while others say it’s a total fail. With that said, if you’re a hardcore Pinterest fan like myself, take a look at some of these Pinterest fails before you try any new tips out!

1. Baking Pan Cleaning with Peroxide and Baking Soda

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Some of the most popular Pinterest tips are cleaning tips. I’m sure you’ve seen tons of seemingly helpful tricks on making household chores and cleaning so much easier. This Pinterest tip suggests combining baking soda and peroxide to clean baking pans and making them look close to brand new! One blogger was amazed at the after photos on Pinterest and tried it out for herself. She reported scrubbing for close to two hours and while her pans had less grime, she believes it’s only because of the elbow grease!

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