7 Easy Ways to Update Your Old Clothes with Dye ...

Do you update your old clothes? I have boxes of old clothes that I just can’t throw away, but most aren’t exactly stylish. To be wearable, they’d be in urgent need of an update! Luckily, I found some great inspiration a few weeks ago, and I’ve been using dye to give my clothes a fresh new look. It’s much easier than I expected! Just check out these inspiring ways to update your old clothes, and give your favorite a try.

1. The Dip Dye…

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One of the easiest ways to update your old clothes is by dip-dying, and I found this super inspiring picture at Clones N Clowns. Pick a light-colored dress – white is definitely easiest for the first time – and mix up a packet of fabric dye in a big container. Then simply dip the bottom of the dress in the dye, and either suspend in place using pegs, or hang up and allow to dry. I love this pink-and-white version, and I made my own blue and yellow patterns, too.

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