7 Easy Delightful Tips for Girls Who Are Bored with Their Old Clipboard ...


7 Easy Delightful Tips for Girls Who Are Bored with Their Old Clipboard ...
7 Easy Delightful Tips for Girls Who Are Bored with Their Old Clipboard ...

Clipboards are great for organizing your home and office. The problem is they usually come in two kinds: plain and boring. But with a little bit of DIY, you can transform the look of clipboards to something that suits your style. Add color or paint them in a hue that pops. Embellish them in ways that add more organizational functions. Take a look at the following ideas for inspiration:

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Make It Golden

Make It Golden How gorgeous are these DIY clipboards? The combination of rustic dark stained wood and elegant gold is truly fabulous. The clipboards used here were assembled from scratch. However, store-bought types will work for this fun DIY project, too. To make the golden pattern, Martha Stewart Metallic Gold craft paints will be of great help.

Source: withinthegrove.com


Paint with Chalkboard

Paint with Chalkboard Chalkboard paint is a perfect material for home organizational DIY projects. And one of the easiest ways to give clipboards a makeover is to give it the royal chalkboard treatment. This craft idea is incredibly simple to do. You just cover a plain clipboard with chalkboard paint and then let dry.

Source: margeauxcotton.com


Give Them Unique Edges

Give Them Unique Edges Now talk about one of a kind! If you follow this fun DIY idea, you will most definitely become one proud owner of a unique clipboard. The short tutorial after the link shows an easy way to cut the top and bottom sides of a clipboard. Deign variations: scallops and waves.

Source: alwaysrooney.com


Write Using Washi Tape

Write Using Washi Tape How pretty! This particular DIY project will likely take a long time but it will reward you with one gorgeous “madeover” clipboard. The first step is to tape down lots of washi in different patterns onto a sheet of Silhouette clear sticker paper. You will then cut the words and then remove the sticker backing after. Tape onto your clipboard to finish.

Source: triedandtrueblog.com


Cover with Pretty Fabric

Cover with Pretty Fabric These pink clipboards are all sorts of lovely. If, like me, you have a steadily growing collection of printed fabric, it might be time to use some for a fun project. We suggest giving this fun fabric-covered DIY clipboard idea a go.



Cover with Paper

Cover with Paper This looks beautiful and classy. It somehow looks like it's made of real marble, too. But this is actually only paper that was Mod Podged onto the front part of a clipboard. Before gluing, the hardware part of the clipboard was removed first. This can be done quite easily with a hand-held screwdriver.

Source: fabricpaperglue.com


Wrap with Rubber Band

Wrap with Rubber Band The rubber band is for extra clipping power. If you think that the top clip part of your old clipboard is not enough for all sorts of notes that you need, you can add strings or clothespins to your fun office supply makeover.

Source: happinessiscreating.com

There are many more crafty ways to give boring and plain clipboards a makeover. With so many craft materials at your disposal, it is possible to churn out uniquely fabulous clipboards in no time. Your “madeover” clipboards will not only look great in your office, they can be fantastic gift items, too. They'll be great for a college freshman or a new homeowner or a friend who simply doesn't know where to start as far as organizing her house goes.

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