7 Easy ✨Delightful✨ Tips for Girls Who Are Bored with Their Old Clipboard 🙄📋 ...

Clipboards are great for organizing your home and office. The problem is they usually come in two kinds: plain and boring. But with a little bit of DIY, you can transform the look of clipboards to something that suits your style. Add color or paint them in a hue that pops. Embellish them in ways that add more organizational functions. Take a look at the following ideas for inspiration:

1. Make It Golden

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How gorgeous are these DIY clipboards? The combination of rustic dark stained wood and elegant gold is truly fabulous. The clipboards used here were assembled from scratch. However, store-bought types will work for this fun DIY project, too. To make the golden pattern, Martha Stewart Metallic Gold craft paints will be of great help.

Source: withinthegrove.com

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