Unique Ways to Use Panty Hose for Girls Who Love Genius Ideas ...


Unique Ways to Use Panty Hose for Girls Who Love Genius Ideas ...
Unique Ways to Use Panty Hose for Girls Who Love Genius Ideas ...

When you’ve got a pile of old stockings or tights (that’s what we call them in the UK), don’t just trash them ‘cos there’s some cool ways to use panty hose. It’s great finding ways to use things other than for their original purpose because a) it might come in handy when you don’t have something necessary for a particular job and b) it reduces household waste and landfill. So by that reasoning, these ways to use panty hose means you’re also doing a tiny bit towards helping the planet!

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As a Breathable Jar Lid

Perhaps one of the most unique ways to use panty hose rather than throw them out is to fix it to the top of a mason jar, removing the need to poke holes into a lid. Although you might not think you ever need a breathable lid, if the kids collect bugs or you have a jar of yeast that you want to allow to ferment, you have a solution!


As Hanging Food Storage

If you have some left over onions or garlic, throw them into an old pair of panty hose, tie up the end and hang it somewhere in your kitchen. No need to buy expensive food racks when you can re-use your panty hose.


To Clean Your Hair Brush

For those with long hair, one of the great uses for panty hose is to push a pair over the bristles so that it sits comfortably on the bottom of the hair brush. Then after a few uses of the brush and you want to remove the hairs, just pull the panty hose layer off – all of the hairs will come out with it, with no fuss.


To Vacuum Small Objects without Losing Them

Have you lost your favourite pair of earrings? Stretch a small amount of a pair of old panty hose onto the bottom of the vacuum pipe, and any small objects will get stuck without going inside the nozzle.


Outdoors Soap

One way to use old panty hose is to dispense bars of soap outside. Put a bar of soap in the bottom, tie up the end, and hang it next to an outdoor tap. The next time the kids get messy, they can just use the soap through the old panty hose to get clean without making a mess inside. You’ve got an instant outdoor wet room.


Portable Potpourri

Whether you want to make your car smell nice or just like the idea of regularly changing up the smell in each room, you can use an old pair of panty hose as portable potpourri holders. The fine holes allow the aroma to circulate well, and there’s no mess to worry about.


Over Your Camera Lens

For photographers still using traditional cameras rather than their smart phones, you can reuse panty hose as quirky lens filters. Take a picture through a tightly-stretched pair of old panty hose and you will get a very cool effect that is otherwise impossible to achieve. It might sound like a weird use of leftover panty hose, but give it a go!


Strain Your Paint

Sometimes you find that paint has gotten a little bit lumpy, especially if you have left an opened can of paint for a few months. Be careful not to pour too much paint onto the thin hose, but a small amount at a time and you’ll have paint which is as good as new.


To Pack Clothes

To finish the list is one of the most useful ways to use panty hose that I can think of. When packing, we all know that rolling is more efficient than folding. Roll up your clothes, and put them inside spare panty hose, using the hose as tubes to keep garments together in the suitcase.

Just got a ladder? Now you have an excuse to try one of these ways to use panty hose. Any more ideas, ladies?

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You can use it as a sock bun too for your hair. :)

I love that dress on the title pic.

My Aunt uses them for stuffing bags in her turkey.

Ausome......thnx for sharing Grt ideas....

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