7 Things You Should Make Yourself Instead of Buying ...


7 Things You Should Make Yourself Instead of Buying ...
7 Things You Should Make Yourself Instead of Buying ...

Nowadays, people are looking for any way to save some money and that's why I'm going to help out by giving you a list of things to make instead of buying. You can find pretty much anything processed, prepared, packaged and waiting for you on a store shelf. However, making your own everyday products will help your wallet as well as the planet too! So here are things to make instead of buying to help get you started with saving some money as well as the environment.

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Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best things to make instead of buying! When you develop a green thumb, you can save yourself a lot of money by skipping the produce aisle at the grocery store. Not only are fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from your home garden delicious, but you also don't have to wonder what pesticides or herbicides are on them. If you'd rather start small, you can turn a simple basket into an herb garden or grow food indoors!


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are one of the most expensive things to buy at the grocery store! Instead, try using things like vinegar and baking soda to clean. Vinegar is a great antibiotic! It can be used to kill germs and clean anything from sinks and toilets, to computer screens and hardwood floors! Baking soda works well with vinegar. You can use this mixture anywhere you would use bleach. It gets smells out of clothes and carpet and just about anything else. Then there's hydrogen peroxide, which can get blood out of clothing and red spots out of carpets.You can even use it to remove mold.



All you need to make your own candles are wax or wax flakes, wicks, crayons, and a scent! Everything you need can be easily found at your local arts & crafts store. What's even better about learning to make your own candles is that you can make them whatever color and scent combination you want! Candles can cost so much at the store that making batches of them this way will save you tons of cash. All it takes is melting down your wax, pouring it into whatever enclosure you want to mold your new candles to, (like a mason jar or a cupcake sheet if you'd rather have candles with no enclosure) and then adding the wick. There are tons of DIY candle guides online.



Bread is something most families use at least a few times every week. The money can add up every time you need to buy a new loaf at the store. Plus, there are usually tons of preservatives in your bread unless you want to shell out even more cash for organic brands. Instead, learn to bake your own bread! All you need is a bread pan, milk, sugar, salt, butter, yeast, and flour. Most of those ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! Search online for different bread recipes from plain white to wheat. Fresh baked bread is always going to be more delicious than store bought anyway!



Whenever I got into Sephora or Ulta to buy beauty supplies, I end up spending an arm and a leg! Plus, with all the debates over the safety of dyes, parabens and other common chemicals, why not just make some of your own cosmetics? That way you know exactly what you're putting on your body! There are a bunch of different online tutorials for how to make everything from lip gloss to lotion. Most only require three or more ingredients! See what you can find and create. They also aren't a bad gift idea if you package them nicely.


Beer and Wine

If you enjoy a flavorful glass of wine or an ice cold beer, try making them yourself! As I'm sure you know, a decent beer or wine costs more than any other grocery in the store! Not only will you save a ton of money this way, but the challenge of making a home-brew can be an exciting and enjoyable process, as you experiment with new flavors and perfect your own brew. DIY wine provides an opportunity to get out in nature to pick flowers, fruits and plants you can use for different tastes in your wine. Even better if you can grow your own grapes!


Kid's Crafts

Instead of spending countless dollars on new paints or PlayDough for your kids to play with, make it at home! For example, all PlayDough is made of is 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup flour, and food dye. That's it! That's what you've been spending your money on! You can even learn to make bubbles, hula hoops, and crayons! Your kids won't know the difference and they will thank you later when that extra money goes towards their college funds!

By making these everyday items, instead of buying them, they will save you money as well as give you a sense of DIY satisfaction that’s so rare these days. Pretty soon, you will see your money increase, which means you can start to save more! Plus, making homemade everyday items is a nice way to put a little personal touch on things for your family. What do you make instead of buying?

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Make another one of these, Sequel! xD

Vinegar is the best, but remember when you mix it with baking soda it goes all fizzy, so mix with a light hand at first. If you have burned food on a pot or pan, soak it in water with a shot of vinegar for 20m to an hour and your problems will wash away so easily.

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