7 Printable Gift Card Holders That Are Completely Free ...

By Holly

7 Printable Gift Card Holders That Are Completely Free ...

If you're going to give a gift card to someone, you might as well make it look good. How? Well, BuzzFeed has a few ideas for you. Here are some printable gift card holders that are completely free:

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1 Santa, Snowmen, Reindeer

Santa, Snowmen, Reindeer Find them here: Santa, Snowman, and Reindeer.

3 Polka Dots

Polka Dots Find them here: cf.yellowblissroad.com.

For those looking for an effortless way to make their living space more stylish and personable, consider revamping your coffee table. We came across these chic coffee table decor ideas that are easy to implement and require no home stylist. These tasteful arrangements can make all the difference in setting the tone for your home's ambiance.

4 Presents

Find them here: designeatrepeat.com.

5 Latte

Latte Find them here: app.box.com.

6 Simple

Find them here: drive.google.com.

7 Animals

Animals Find them here: Fox, Rabbit, and Cat.

Which one of these boxes do you consider the cutest?

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