DIY Lotion Bars ⚗️ to Make at Home 🏡 for Girls Who Love All Natural 🌿 Products 🛍 ...

Lotion bars are easy to make and are a great way to look after your skin. Making them yourself at home means you have complete control over the ingredients and you can avoid the chemicals that shop-bought lotion bars inevitably contain. They can also be made for the specific purposes you need from simply making your skin brighter and better to dealing with issues such as relieving eczema.

1. Vanilla Latte Lotion Bars for Massages

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With this lotion bar you get two amazing scents and a great product to use for all over skin massage. But also, coffee beans are excellent exfoliators that brighten and tighten the skin, so this bar can be especially used for treating your areas of cellulite.
6 tbsp cocoa butter
1 tbsp Shea butter
1 tbsp coffee-infused oil
Handful of coffee beans
a drop of vanilla extract
1 tsp vitamin E oil
To make:
First off you need to make some coffee-infused oil – do this at least two weeks ahead. Simply steep coffee grounds in olive oil or almond oil Shake container every day. To make the lotion bars start by melting the cocoa butter and shea butter in a double boiler. Remove from heat and add the coffee-infused oil, the vitamin E oil and the vanilla extract. Stir gently to combine. Distribute coffee beans equally between molds. Fill molds with the mixture and leave to harden. Use when ready.

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