7 Easy Ways to Look Good in Photographs ...

I don’t take a good picture, so ways to look good in photographs are especially helpful when someone pulls out their camera. I don’t know why, but I can’t keep my eyes open when the camera flashes so I always look like I’m gazing off into the distance or a little bit stoned. If you’re the same way, there is hope! There are lots of experts who study this and have created a great set of tips. Use these ideas and you’ll always have ways to look good in photographs.

1. Turn Your Face

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Not just whichever way you want though. Research shows that people tend to show more emotion on the left side of their face, so try turning your head slightly to the right when being photographed. This can help you look more appropriate for the occasion and leave you looking natural and happy. This is the easiest of all the ways to look good in photographs!

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