7 Easy Ways to Look Good in Photographs ...


7 Easy Ways to Look Good in Photographs ...
7 Easy Ways to Look Good in Photographs ...

I don’t take a good picture, so ways to look good in photographs are especially helpful when someone pulls out their camera. I don’t know why, but I can’t keep my eyes open when the camera flashes so I always look like I’m gazing off into the distance or a little bit stoned. If you’re the same way, there is hope! There are lots of experts who study this and have created a great set of tips. Use these ideas and you’ll always have ways to look good in photographs.

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Turn Your Face

Turn Your Face Not just whichever way you want though. Research shows that people tend to show more emotion on the left side of their face, so try turning your head slightly to the right when being photographed. This can help you look more appropriate for the occasion and leave you looking natural and happy. This is the easiest of all the ways to look good in photographs!


Look up

Look up Looking just slightly above the lens of the camera is an easy way to keep your eyes open and bright so you don’t look like you hit the bottle a bit before the photo session. Don’t tilt your head back; just look an inch or so above the lens while the photographer snaps the picture. In fact, it’s best to tip your chin down just a bit at the same time.


Wear Some Lipstick

Wear Some Lipstick I don’t normally wear lipstick, but when I’m getting my picture taken I slick on some gloss. That’s because a photo can wash you out a bit, which can leave you lipless when the picture is developed. Not a good look. Wear a bit of color on your lips and it’ll create a smile that’s absolutely ravishing. Try a shiny pink or bright red. Just be sure it looks natural or you won’t like you in the photo.


Stand off Center

Stand off Center When you stand super straight facing the camera, it tends to add some width to your body. No girl wants that, right? To counteract this horrifying effect, stand slightly turned when you’re getting your picture taken. This pose won’t add pounds and you’ll look fabulous no matter what’s going on. Pop your knee just a bit to create an even slimmer silhouette.



Relax Tight smiles don’t look good. When you’re posing for a photograph, try to create a facial expression that’s natural. Think about something that makes you laugh for a smile that’s totally you. If you normally smile with your mouth open, do the same in your photo. You want the developed picture to show off who you are and how you look so you can remember the time as you get older.


Arms at Your Sides

Arms at Your Sides Standing with your arms crossed can make you look unhappy with the photo session, but standing with your arms loosely at your sides gives you a natural look that will create an awesome photograph. Don’t keep them rigid or super straight, just let them hang loosely and light near your sides. You’ll be surprised at how great you look!


Natural Make-up

Natural Make-up Natural make-up is perfect for photos. You don’t want to go overboard because your look will appear exaggerated on camera, which can result in a clownish appearance when you get the photos back. Go for a natural look that softly blends your make-up so you look as close to yourself as possible.

How do you prep for photographs? Does this help you? I bet you’ll totally be ready for your next photo session.

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I just don' ttake any good pictures at all :(

Thanks nice article.

@ Vicky & Cara.. I always look awful in pictures as well.. I have been told that I don't look anything like my pictures! I think it depends on your camera and lighting! I think I am more vain now than ever, because I my IPhone!

Great article , love it!!!!

This is sooooo helpful!! Thanks loads!!

This article doesn't open.

Love a good side pic

Great tips, thanks. Through my own experience I did realized posture of your body is also adds up to good pic. Especially when it comes full figure pic. Most of time my pic stands out so beautiful.

Excellent article.

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