Revolutionary Home Inventions That Are Now Extinct ...


Revolutionary Home Inventions That Are Now Extinct ...
Revolutionary Home Inventions That Are Now Extinct ...

There are a lot of old home inventions that are now extinct because technology has evolved and new things have replaced the old ones, since they are more complex and they can offer the user a lot more benefits. It’s funny, but try to imagine that someday other things may replace our computers, smartphones or tablets, since most of these gadgets will become obsolete. Here are a few very interesting and old home inventions that are now extinct:

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Phonograph In my opinion, one of the most interesting old home inventions that are now extinct is the phonograph, which was created by Thomas Edison in 1877. Apparently, Edison was actually working on the telegraph transmitter when he discovered that he invented something else. I don’t know if you know but records were the standard recording media until 1960 when cassettes were introduced.


Cassette Deck

Cassette Deck This old invention is very close related to the previous one, since it offered consumers the possibility to transfer music from records to cassettes. Cassettes were smaller and less fragile than the record discs, thus, easier to use. They also offered longer playtime (up to 90 minutes in total) but in the mid 1980s cassettes’ popularity was declining as CD’s took over the market.


Rotary Telephones

Rotary Telephones I was actually pretty surprised to find out that many kids now days don’t know what a rotary phone is since I thought it was something everyone used to own. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1870 and patented his invention in 1876. The rotary telephone was developed in 1923, which was then replaced by push-button phones.



Washboard Well, maybe washboards are not totally extinct now days since I think that in some parts of the world they are still being used. Scrubbing boards with textured ribs actually originated in Scandinavia in the 19th century. Later, their design was improved, they became metal washboards and they also cleaned clothes more effectively.


Manual Typewriters

Manual Typewriters Henry Mill invented the typewriter in 1714 but these machines continued to evolve during the 1800s. The first electric typewriter was developed by Thomas Edison in 1872 and the first electronic typewriter was developed in 1978 by the Olivetti and Casio Companies. This electronic version of the classic electric typewriter was even able to store small amounts of text for retrieval.



VCR I’m sure you all know what a VCR is but sadly, most of them are now extinct. This wonderful invention experienced a big leap during the '70s when VCRs for home use were released. They were available in two formats: Betamax and VHS, but eventually the VHS became the industry standard. They were replaced by DVD players but a lot of people may still have these wonderful things in their homes, and now it’s even possible to transfer VHS content over to DVD.


Slide Projectors

Slide Projectors I must admit that I didn’t know what a slide projector was, yet I did have something quite similar when I was a little kid. Carousel slide projectors allowed people to project and show 35mm slides for home viewing.

There are a lot of old inventions that have become extinct even though they are very interesting. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know other old home inventions that are extinct? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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Oh thanks a bunch - now I feel really old! 😣

My house has a manual typewriter, a rotary telephone and a VCR

i doubt they are extinct, i'd say museums have them.

Some of these are not extinct. They have been innovated.

I still have a VCR, rotary telephone and cassette deck. I love my old school items

We still have a VCR at my house! Lol

The correct term is “nowadays”, not “now days”.

I have a typewriter that I wrote poems with

The correct terminology would be to say these items are 'Obsolete'.

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