57 Savvy Clothing Secrets for Girls Needing to Repurpose Their Old Wardrobe New ...


57 Savvy Clothing Secrets for Girls Needing to Repurpose Their Old Wardrobe New ...
57 Savvy Clothing Secrets for Girls Needing to Repurpose Their Old Wardrobe New ...

For anyone who's ever tried to repurpose their wardrobe or make something new out of something old/out of date, did you know that there are heaps of easy secrets, hacks and tricks you can use to get the job done way quicker? That's right! From making your own clothes out of small, affordable bits and pieces to removing stubborn stains, diyncrafts.com have come up with a whopping 57 tips that will instantly change your approach to fashion!

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Hacks and Tricks Tucking Non-Skinny Jeans in Boots

footwear, blue, jeans, leg, denim, If you’re not really the skinny jean type of gal you may be under the impression that it’s impossible to tuck in your bootcut jeans to show off your cute boots. You’re wrong! Here’s a very simple trick to make this work without that ugly bunching up.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – StyleBerryBlog


Stay Zipped up

denim, clothing, jeans, leather, outerwear, SaveSome pants have that annoying zipper that just doesn’t zip all the way up and stay there. If you don’t want people telling you that your fly is down all day long, implement this brilliant and easy trick to save yourself from uncomfortable situations.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – WhoWhatWear


Stretch Tight Jeans

clothing, underpants, briefs, undergarment, pattern, SaveYou know the drill: your nice pair of jeans seem to have gotten a little tight (it’s their fault, not yours!) and you’re not quite ready to go buy a replacement pair. The great thing about jeans is that you can actually stretch them out to fit you perfectly once again.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – WikiHow


Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

clothing, red, arm, art, dress, SaveNot only are these marks pretty embarrassing but they can totally ruin your outfit! Luckily, there are two very quick and painless ways to get those stains off in within minutes without having to run home to wash or change.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – RD


Bra Strap Concealer

clothing, undergarment, finger, thigh, lingerie, SaveSome tops are cut in a way that don’t really take your bra straps into account – it may be a wide neck, an off-the-shoulder or a narrow shoulder cut. If you don’t have a good strapless bra, or simply just prefer your strapped bra, try this little trick to conceal visible straps.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – RecycledFashion


Sweater over Button-up Shirt

blue, clothing, t shirt, footwear, tights, SaveOne of life’s great clothing annoyances is the weird bunching up and frumpiness that comes with wearing a sweater over a button-up shirt. Love the look, hate looking weird with button outlines. I could practically feel the world shattering around me when I first saw this smoothing-out trick, so it’s about time I share it with you!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – Franish



pink, handbag, fashion accessory, footwear, glasses, SaveIf you want to connect your hangers to preplan outfits or simply save some closet space, actually spending a dollar here and there on these tiny things seems a little silly. Thankfully, some genius discovered that something that is usually tossed as trash can do the very same trick at no extra cost!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – IdeaBottle


Un-Shrink Your Clothes

blue, clothing, electric blue, footwear, jeans, It’s happened to all of us (perhaps more than others): you accidentally toss a once perfectly-fitting item of clothing in the drier and now it looks like it belongs to your daughter or little sister. Don’t despair! There’s actually a way for you to relax the fibers so that you can once again fit into your own clothes.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – OneGoodThing


Low Back, No Strap

clothing, dress, active undergarment, cocktail dress, sleeve, SaveI absolutely love backless or low-back clothing, but unless you’re happy to go braless, getting the support you need is rather tough without a visible back bra strap. I found two very helpful solutions to this problem: one is a DIY bra converter, and the other is something a little more permanent.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – ExtraPetite and Skunkboy


Easy De-Pilling

clothing, blue, denim, leg, trousers, SaveThose pills—or little fuzz balls as my friend calls them—can really ruin a beautiful item of clothing. Thankfully, though, there’s a relatively easy way to de-pill and get your clothes looking as good as new.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – Cotton&Curls


Scrunched Sleeves

clothing, sleeve, pattern, design, spring, SaveWant a cool way to roll up your cuffed sleeves? Try this preppy way à la J.Crew! The scrunched sleeves add a little something different to a regular button-up shirt. This method works best with denim.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – WhoWhatWear


De-Wrinkle without an Iron

font, line, SaveNeed to get rid of wrinkles in your clothing but don’t have an iron (or just don’t feel like ironing)? Don’t despair! Here are seven no-iron methods to get rid of those pesky wrinkles and crinkles – some are quicker than others.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – TheSecretYumiverse


Stop Angora Shedding

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, fashion accessory, neck, Angora and mohair is prone to shedding, and you really don’t want this lovely material to shed and ruin everything it comes into contact with. If you have a freezer at home, you can make use of this cool little trick to stop the shedding madness.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – WikiHow


Organize Shirts and Drawers

room, furniture, product, shelf, closet, If you make use of drawers to store you t-shirts, you may find that stacking them makes it impossible to see what’s what and you just end up with a big unorganized mess. Have a look at this how-did-I-never-think-of-this-myself method to ensure that you see exactly what you have as soon as you pull out your drawer.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – Darkroom&Dearly


Sweat Stains Be Gone!

white, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, blouse, Did you know that those ugly yellow sweat stains are actually thanks to aluminum-based deodorants, not just your sweaty pits? Anyway, don’t toss your ruined white clothing just yet! Here’s a helpful way to return your items to their pristine, crisp whiteness.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – PopSugar


Draped Vest

clothing, dress, footwear, fashion, spring, I absolutely love these draped vests for the summertime because the flowy style is just so flattering. You can make your own in a matter of minutes with just one yard of fabric and a few clever snips. I think my cupboard will soon be full of these!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – DIYReady


Easy Dress Makeover

clothing, dress, photography, beauty, fashion, Want to give your dress an edgy makeover without having to do much cutting or sewing? This quick tutorial shows you just how easy it is to achieve a whole new look with minimal effort. I just adore this unique messy pattern that absolutely anyone can achieve.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – Sincerely,Kinsey


Comfortable Tights

clothing, tights, cartoon, leg, arm, No matter what your size or shape, tights (aka stockings) always seem to give absolutely anyone that dreaded muffin top. I’m not quite sure why they insist on making the waistbands to ridiculously tight, but here’s a way to combat it and actually feel comfortable again!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – MelissaSplin


Keep Those Shorts from Riding up

underpants, clothing, red, briefs, thigh, When you’re sweating away during your workout, having your spandex shorts or yoga pants constantly ride up becomes a monstrous frustration and distraction. Thankfully, some absolute genius has figured out a way to help us all combat this annoyance!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – Grosgrain


Dipped Denim

clothing, trousers, leggings, jeans, tights, Looking for a way to spice up a pair of jeans? Here’s a really quick, easy and bold way to add a little something unique. I like this Aztec print, but let your creativity go – you can draw whatever you want!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions – MintedStrawberry


Repurposing and Refashioning from Maxi Skirt to Cute Dress

color, blue, clothing, dress, art, Do you have a maxi skirt that you’re just not quite as keen on as you were before? With just a few snips here and there you can turn it into a really cute and fun dress – no sewing necessary!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – KierCouture


Bow Sleeves

clothing, blue, swimwear, costume, undergarment, Breathe some new life into a plain t-shirt by giving it these adorable bow sleeves. This will only take a few minutes and all you need is a sharp pair of scissors and some washable glue. Quick and easy, yet so effective!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CreatingLaura


Cut-out Shirt

face, black and white, person, monochrome photography, monochrome, I’ve been enjoying the cut-out trend thoroughly, and I just love how creative people are getting with it. This is possibly one of the most innovative DIY cut-outs that I’ve seen in a while, and the fact that it involves a button-up shirt instead of regular t-shirt or vest is just fantastic!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – PlanB


Cut Collar

white, clothing, dress, sleeve, textile, A thick piece of lace of ribbon can refashion a regular t-shirt into a cute, elegant and feminine collared top if you follow this very straightforward tutorial. Oh how I love these creative upcyclers!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MicheleNg


Lace Insert

pink, textile, pattern, This brilliant tutorial shows you how to make a lace insert of any shape on practically any piece of clothing. It’s such a clever way to give a regular top a new exciting twist. And best of all, you can just use iron-on hem tape to skip forgo any sewing.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Mr.Kate


Old Shirt, New Skirt

clothing, human positions, dress, photography, girl, Have you ever fallen in love with the pattern of a man’s shirt in a thrift store or maybe your father’s closet? Of course, the shirt is too big for you to wear, but if you really must have that fabric, here’s a way for you to turn it into a stylish skirt!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Ruffles&Roses


Embellished Collar

footwear, fashion accessory, brand, leg, hand, I’m well aware that practically no one listens to CDs anymore, but who would have thought to glue broken CD shards to a shirt collar? It’s just so crazy that it actually works! Make sure to scroll down the tutorial to get to the English instructions.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FollowFashion


From Scarf to Skirt

clothing, underpants, briefs, undergarment, active undergarment, If you have a pretty scarf or piece of fabric, you can easily turn it into a stunning draped miniskirt within seconds – and without ruining the fabric. The site is in Icelandic but don’t worry, the photos give you all the help you need.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Bleikt


Lace Shorts

clothing, fashion, fashion accessory, shorts, pattern, I love these layered lace shorts but find them to be rather expensive in stores. Instead of dishing out the dollars, you can actually just transform one of your own pairs of shorts that you may not wear so much anymore – or even just go buy a cheap, plain pair to embellish. And if you’re not such of a fan of these, try one of our 40 DIY summer shorts.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LifeAnnStyle and clonesnclowns.com


Elbow Patches

clothing, finger, arm, hand, leg, Feeling a bit bored with your long-sleeve tops? Well a simple pair of elbow patches can fix that right up! I love these adorable little hearts because they’re really easy to stich on and make such an impacting difference.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – superficialgirls.com


Wrap Crop Top

arm, leg, finger, hand, brand, With rising temperatures comes the opportunity to show off a bit of skin and wear some sexy crop tops. This one is really easy to make from a regular tank top that you can afford to sacrifice. Just scroll down to get to the English instructions.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FollowFashion


From Bootcut to Skinny

jeans, denim, clothing, blue, trousers, You may have a pair of bootcut jeans that fit perfectly, but you’re just not so keen on the style anymore. Well it’s actually quite easy to turn them into skinnies with a bit of quick sewing here and there. And I just love the edginess of that exposed zipper.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Brit+Co


Crochet Side Trim

clothing, sleeve, dress, hairstyle, spring, You may have a top that you really love but find that it’s just a bit too snug these days, or perhaps you just want to follow the slouchy trend; well, whatever your reasoning, adding a crochet trim to the side can give your old top a whole new look and feel.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TrashToCouture


Necktie Necklace

jewellery, bracelet, fashion accessory, necklace, bead, Sometimes a really beautiful necktie catches your eye (perhaps you’re rummaging through your dad’s things or trawling through thrift stores) and you just wish you could somehow find a way to use that stunning fabric. Next time that happens, buy it (or nab it) and turn it into a pretty necklace!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Artstar


Tie Dye Tights

clothing, footwear, fashion, spring, leg, A regular pair of nylon tights can be totally transformed with some simple products you probably already have at home! I absolutely love this edgy and fun effect that makes your outfit all about the legs!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – So,IMakeStuff


Oversized Crop Tank

clothing, sleeve, dress, product, outerwear, Most of us love to steal an old, big t-shirt from the hubby or boyfriend just to sleep or lounge around in. well, if they don’t mind you stealing one permanently, a couple of snips can turn a large men’s t-shirt into a stylish cropped and flowy tank top.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LoveMaegan


Stencil Fun

white, t shirt, clothing, sleeve, neck, A stencil and some fabric paint can personalize an otherwise plain or boring item of clothing. And you don’t have to be an artist, since you can just print out a design and cut it out. You can apply this to a whole lot more than just t-shirts!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DIYReady


Safety Pin Detail

clothing, black, sleeve, outerwear, vest, A packs of safety pins is a very cheap purchase, so if you can create something as funky as this for such a low cost – why not? All you need is a bit of patience and some time and you can display any message or image. Maybe use some chalk do draw an outline if you want some guidance throughout the process.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – 2ndFunniestThing


The One-Shoulder Shirt

black, clothing, sleeve, dress, blouse, I love asymmetry, so this one-shoulder top is right up my alley. Just get yourself an oversized men’s shirt and a pair of scissors to create this fabulous piece of fashion. I love the extra flair that comes with the ties on the side – it looks like large fringe!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Wobisobi


Cut-out Dress

pink, clothing, dress, pattern, design, Do you have a skirt that’s a bit too long? Instead of simply hemming and shortening it, why not change it up completely and turn it into the perfect cut-out summer dress? This innovative little repurposing projects is definitely up there with my favorites!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – APair&ASpare


Zipper Sweater

clothing, sleeve, t shirt, outerwear, pocket, Sometimes, all you need to give something that little something new is a neon zipper! This is supper easy to do and I like the touch of color. Also, you’re not really ripping up a whole sweater so nothing can really go wrong here.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – fashion.onblog.at


Ombre Tights

clothing, footwear, leg, tights, thigh, A cool and interesting pair of tights can really give your look a fresh and funky feel, so move away from the standard black! This easy DIY ombre tutorial is so simple, and won’t take you longer than 30 minutes.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Brit+Co


Cropped Pants

clothing, trousers, abdomen, pocket, active pants, If you’re feeling a bit bored of your drab stretchy long pants, it’s really easy to achieve this cute and flattering cropped style. Perfect for workouts or casual wear!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MeggiPeg


Open-Back Stripes

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, long sleeved t shirt, sweater, I really love open-back tops, or really anything that has an interesting back, so this is something I’ll definitely be trying myself. I love how the back straps perfectly align with the jersey’s strips – it really makes it look so well put together.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TrashToCouture


Lace-up Leggings

footwear, clothing, leg, thigh, undergarment, Release your inner rocker by giving a pair of leggings some lace-up treatment. The fun thing about this DIY is that you can extend it all the way to the bottom like this, or you can just do the thighs if you’re looking for a little more modesty; you could even use colored laces for that little something extra.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TrashToCouture


Accessories and Shoes Pairing Necklaces with Necklines

clothing, black, sleeve, product, font, Not sure what type of necklace to wear with which neckline? Here’s an easy and helpful guide to the perfect pairing. Of course, nothing is set in stone and you don’t have to adhere to this like some sort of bible, but this is definitely the best guide I’ve seen so far.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – InsideOutStyle


Comic Book Shoes

footwear, arm, art, furniture, pattern, This is the ultimate shoe makeover for any of you comic book fans. Personally, I’m a big Batman fan so I’ll definitely be making my own version over the weekend! You could even apply the same process with newspaper instead of comic book pages.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables


Wear a Belt with Flair

font, art, pattern, design, brand, A waist belt is a great way to cinch in the waist or spice up your look; I’ve never really thought of knotting or tying my belt in any way other than what I’m conventionally used to, but I have to say, some of these look really chic!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – fashionrolla.com


Waterproof Canvas Shoes

footwear, shoe, leg, outdoor shoe, lawn, I love the look of canvas or other fabric shoes, but when the cold comes around, they’re rather impractical. If you want to keep your feet both dry and stylish in the rainy months you can make use of this clever little trick using a natural product.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Brit+Co


Stretch out Shoes That Are Too Small

footwear, shoe, ballet flat, product, leather, We’re all guilty of this: buying shoes that are a little too snug and coming home with blisters on our feet. Thankfully, there are two very simple tricks—one using the cold and one using heat—to stretch out your shoes so that you get that sweet release and comfort that you deserve.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BetterRemade and Coffee,Light&Sweet


How to Wear a Scarf

purple, clothing, violet, fashion accessory, petal, Most of us are set with wearing our scarves in about two or three different styles, but there is a whole world of scarf-knotting that we’re just not aware of. This master list gives you a whopping 50 ways to tie a scarf – just click on each one to get a step-by-step guide. If you like making your own, check out our list of DIY infinity scarves.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Scarves


Peter Pan Collar

clothing, fashion accessory, sleeve, neck, pattern, This Peter Pan-style leather collar necklace is so extremely easy to make! You can team this with practically any blouse to elevate it from drab to fab within mere seconds. Feel free to play around with colors and additional accessories or embellishments.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LoveMaegan


Boho-ify Your Boots

boot, footwear, brown, leather, leg, Whether you want to give an old pair of boots a new boho twist, or whether you just go out and buy a cheap, plain pair, decorating them in the popular bohemian style is sheer brilliance. Not only will you be saving a pretty penny, but your pair will be completely unique.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MomSpark and Mr.Kate


Gladiator Sandals

clothing, leg, footwear, thigh, fashion, I remain a steadfast fan of the gladiator sandal, as long as it’s more on the elegant and dainty side than it is on the bold and chunky side. It’s actually surprisingly easy to turn a plain pair of flat sandals into a gorgeous pair of gladiators; and the bonus is that you can go as high or low as you want. Just watch out for those weird tan lines!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – APair&ASpare


DIY Knotted Belt

clothing, blue, electric blue, dress, cobalt blue, A belt is a great way to add a little something extra to an outfit, or to help define your waist. The nautical theme and style is an absolute classic – one that I’m sure will never fade, so make your own knotted belt with this simple tutorial!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MicheleNg


Fringe Scarf

color, hair, clothing, red, beauty, A touch of fringe can totally change your outfit, but if you’re not completely sold on the fringe front quite yet, ease into it with this easy DIY scarf. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose that old t-shirt that you never really wear anymore.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – WalkInLove


Colored Soles

color, art, footwear, brand, advertising, Why spend a small fortune to get colored soles à la Louboutin when you can achieve the same look at home for next to nothing? I just love this little pop of color that shines through, and I love the fact that you aren’t limited to a single color.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FashionLush

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