7 Tips for Cleaning Your House Really Fast ...


7 Tips for Cleaning Your House Really Fast ...
7 Tips for Cleaning Your House Really Fast ...

Tips for cleaning your house really fast are the ones I love coming across. With three kids, a job and a couple of dogs, I don’t want to spend all my time cleaning. I want time with my family and time to pursue my hobbies. At the same time, I want my house to be clean and sanitary and as tidy as it can be under the circumstances. That being a house full of kids and animals. So if you want some tips for cleaning your house really fast, I’m here to save the day. These work great and leave you time for the things you want to do too.

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Don’t Multi Task

I know that multitasking might seem like a great way to get more things done at once, but sometimes it isn’t. One of the best tips for cleaning your house really fast is to concentrate on one job at a time. That way you can devote your full attention to it instead of trying to do several things while being distracted. If you’re skeptical, give it a try and see what happens.


Gather Your Materials

Nothing slows you down like running back and forth for cleaning supplies. You probably store them all in one central location, but when you head off to clean something, take stock and grab everything you’re going to need so you don’t have to stop and come back. Carry everything in a small basket so you only have to make one trip. Easy, right?


Stock up on Hidden Storage

When it comes time to clean house, one of my biggest jobs is clearing the clutter that accumulates with a family of five people. Investing in hidden storage options can save you time and energy. A coffee table with drawers is perfect for corralling mail, papers and books. Large covered baskets are great for extra blankets or dirty clothes in the bedrooms. A covered ottoman in the living room can store all sorts of clutter. Plastic bins and storage boxes make great places for small toys, hair accessories and stuff like that. You can store them in closets or under beds to keep them out of the way.


Use Multi-Purpose Tools

Cleaning tools and supplies that do more than one job totally streamline your cleaning process and get things done much more quickly. For example, a vinegar and water solution makes quick work of a greasy stove, is perfect for mopping floors and gets windows done in a jiffy. A toothbrush is great for cleaning grout, kitchen sink drains and much more.


Wipe Things down Often

To prevent the build-up of gunk that requires scrubbing, take a couple of minutes every few days to wipe everything down. Some things you can wipe down every day. This includes countertops, the toilets, your shower tile, the fronts of cabinets and the table and chairs. The quick few minutes it takes prevents a lot of time down the road.


Carry a Trash Bag

Stick a trash bag in your pocket or through your belt loop while you clean. This way you can clear up any trash you come across as you go instead of having to hike back and forth to the garbage can every few minutes. This is ideal for getting rid of bits of paper and fuzz that are too big for the vacuum. It will save you tons of time and will leave you with tidy rooms all over the house.


Recruit Help

Any job gets done faster with extra hands to help out. Divide and conquer all of the cleaning and you’ll be done in no time. My kids get jobs appropriate for their age while my husband and I tackle the bigger things. In just an hour or so, we can all sit back and enjoy a clean house and some fun time together.

What are your tips for fast house cleaning? Feel free to share!

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Also light switches.... People forget to wipe those down too.

@Kim. I use Lysol wipes to clean the doorknobs.

Many people overlook cleaning their cabinet doors, especially the lower ones which are most impacted by spills.

Don't forget to clean the door knobs inside the house. They must have so many germs on them from tones of hands constantly touching them.

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