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Everyday objects with many uses are fun. I think you know by now I have my own little obsession going on with things that have multiple benefits or uses. We live in such a throwaway society so multiple use items might not only solve a problem you have, but it’s a tiny step in helping the life of our planet.

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Use in Planters

Simply placing a kitchen sponge into the bottom of a planter will help soak up excess water and ensure that the roots of your plant don't rot in too much moisture. It will work the other way round as well – it will keep your plant well watered in case you forget to water.


Get Rid of Pet Hair from Carpets

Pets and carpets don't go well together, but it's sometimes hard to sacrifice carpeting for your pets. If you're worried about pet hair being clogged in your expensive carpets, you may use a damp sponge to pull pesky hair out with utmost ease. This may even help keep your allergies in check!


Tidy up Your Sweaters

Tidying up your worn sweater is one of many interesting ways to use kitchen sponges. Use a textured scrub sponge and gently rub at fuzzy and pilled parts of your knitwear.


Cushion Fragile Items

It often feels quite tricky to store a collection of figurines or a ceramic bowl for instance, but you can minimize the risk of damaging your favorite bowl by strategically placing sponge pieces around its sharp corners.


Maximize Air Conditioning

Sometimes, the window air-conditioning unit doesn't fit properly and allows air to escape. You can simply plug those leaky holes with a small piece of kitchen sponge to keep the chilly air inside.


Polish Your Nails Easily

For an at-home pedicure, all you have to do is place a cut-up sponge between your toes. This will make things easier and keep you from smudging your polish before it dries.


Relieve Toothache

When your tooth hurts like hell, all you have to do is dampen a sterile sponge with some sort of numbing agent and place it on the affected area. The remedy works especially well with oil of cloves.


Make an Icepack with Ease

Simply put a wet kitchen sponge in a zip-lock bag and place it in your freezer. Your homemade icepack is ready, and it will never get messy even when the ice melts.


Strip Wallpaper

Okay, so you're dealing with some stubborn wallpaper that won’t give up. That's no problem. Simply, soak a large kitchen sponge in hot water and place it against the edges of your wallpaper to loosen it up.


Deodorize Your Freezer

Get a damp, clean sponge and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Your very own deodorizer is ready. Place it in your freezer and see it work like magic.


Clean inside of a Vase

Do you want to know the best way to clean your narrow-necked vases and containers? Simply tape your kitchen sponge on a ruler and get to work. With this little tool, you can clean hard-to-reach areas with utmost ease.


Prevent Floor Scratches

When you're placing furniture pieces on wooden floors, be sure to attach small pieces of sponges to their feet to avoid scratches.


Make Your Bath Soaps Last Long

It's simple actually – just place your soap bar on a piece of kitchen sponge between uses. The sponge will soak up the excess moisture and help your soap last longer.

Your turn now dear readers. What other uses of a kitchen sponge can you share with us?

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